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Pendulum Programming

  • Kenton's original work that inspired a generation of pendulum books
  • Use pendulums for readings, trance states, influence and mentalism
  • Use pendulums to help people reprogram themselves
  • Includes original mentalism effects
  • Special pendulum charts supplied

The video above is one of the routines you will learn in PENDULUM PROGRAMMING.


Another Kenton work that restarted a modern trend... Read the original work that inspired countless others to write their own pendulum books after reading THIS one... PENDULUM PROGRAMMING

What Is Pendulum Programming?


"For those interested in 'real' magic... As a program I have used for more than a year, I can tell you that its useful to the modern mentalist, coach and hypnotist, as well as, any individual looking for highest recommendation."
— John Charles Robinson, CCHt

"Reading through your PENDULUM PROGRAMMING and frankly the 11 page preface or "Performer/Teacher Notes" is well worth the price alone. Please take this off the market. I want it all to myself."
— Troy Swezey

Here is what Kenton says about it:

"Pendulum Programming is a training system I have long used incorporating pendulums as self-readings, affirmation and goal setting, trance induction with pendulums, and more.

It is also a perfect way to put responsibility back on readings clients.

Plus it has mentalism effects that relate to this system.

This is based on work I do with real people, and how to bridge that with performing, readings, hypnosis work, etc.

This work also relates to elements in Mind Reading Lesson 8.

Frankly, I LOVE this sort of thing.

It is perfect for personal coaches, success trainers, and the like too. You can even hold your own training sessions after you read this work.

I have given you all I can, as reasonably as possible about this segment of my work at last. I hope you will find it as useful and as profitable as I."

- Kenton

Kenton feels that while it is fine to have long term readings clients, the last thing he wants is to have a client dependent on him. Kenton believes that Mind Readers should help empower clients and audiences to listen to their own intuition, tap into their inner resources, and rely on what is within them rather than relying solely on others.

To this end, Kenton often develops work and tools that clients may use at home or office, to tap into their support within, as well as entertain. That's what Pendulum Programming is all about

Here are just some of the topics and items in this work:

  • How to program yourself with a pendulum
  • How to phrase suggestions and affirmations properly
  • Pendulum Self-Hypnosis
  • Special Pendulum Charts
  • Finding Energy
  • Galileo's Swinging Thoughts
  • Pendulum and Gemstone Meanings and Readings
  • Cleaning Symbolism
  • Doing Readings with Pendulum Charts
  • Applying real pendulum work to performance
  • Kenton's "Sealed Pendulum" effect
  • Kenton's "Five Bill Miracle" effect
  • The "Rings True" Pendulum
  • What a pendulum reveals in performance


We wish we could tell you in this small space how important, useful and intriguing this work is, but you'll have to read it for yourself to completely grasp its importance.

If you are a student of our Mind Reading Lessons or any of our readings systems, this is simply a must have addition. No one doing readings should be without this work - period.

You receive two PDFs of training. One is the main training manual. The other PDF is how to additionally apply this work to mentalism performances, effects, and teaching the material as a course or series of lessons.

Self-programming, and pendulums, are fascinating topics to the media and public. Offering to teach people how to use pendulums for programming themselves and bettering their lives, while performing miracles yourself, makes for easy bookings of classes, seminars and full courses on this subject. It also takes the heat off of you for readings, mentalism and obsessive fans or those demanding readings clients.

Personal Coaches, Private Motivators and Kenton's clients already swear by this material. Now we are making this training available to all our performing friends, with entertaining additions, at a price that just can't get any better.


  1. Pendulum Programming READ FIRST File (1.30 MB)

  2. Pendulum Programming Book (2.01 MB)

Tags Mentalism, Readings
Media Type Digital Lesson

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  • Real secrets here you will not find anywhere else. Great ROI!

    5 Stars

    This is an investment because if you follow the system of this course you will see a ROI very fast. There are secrets here you will not find anywhere else. I am glad I made the investment and this is going into my lecture next week!

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