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Picasso Face Reading

  • A unique and engaging reading system
  • Psychological and physiological readings
  • Use powerful psychological aspects to make readings work for you

The Picasso Face Reading System is an exciting, visual, unique system of doing readings.

It is unlike any other system you know.

Covering portions of a client's face (never touching their face) the reader points out unseen differences in the person's face. These differences make plain the client's personality, that even the client themselves must admit.

This appears to be a psychological or physiological readying, not a "psychic" one. Of course, intuition may play a part in the reading too, as much as you like,

This system gets immediate attention, draws a lot of curiosity by onlookers and people passing by, as well as makes for a more logical or psychological readings approach.

Play it as psychological, or intuitive, as you like.

Visual, novel, stunning, memorable, the Picasso Face Reading System is quick to learn and easy to start working with right away.

Note: This system is taken from Kenton Knepper's Mind Reading Lessons. You will find it in the Mind Reading Membership, Mind Reading Lessons physical book (Lesson 8) and the full Mind Reading Lessons Complete download set.


  1. Picasso Face Readings (8.29 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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