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A combination of psychology, secret principles and original routines by Kenton make for a powerful collection of compact mentalism.

Here are Kenton's secrets for his often performed work with postcards from around the world. Rarely seen by mentalists, this little collection of Kenton routines also includes special PDF and JPG files so you can print out your own postcards. While you can hunt around for regular postcards to put together these routines, Kenton has made it easy by including all of the postcards ready to print out on your computer, in this deluxe set.

Here are partial descriptions of the routines in this Kenton release:

* 5 Friends Travel Together: Five people are handed varied amounts of postcards and told to shuffle them all they wish. Each person takes one postcard only and discards the rest. Without looking at any of the cards chosen or discarded, the mentalist states which countries certain participants have in mind (that were on their postcards), what someone is drinking in their mental travels, which participant is staying at home, and so on. This ends with a prediction of the thought of the last person, made long before the effect began.

* Travel Exchange: Four or five people mix up postcards as much as they like. Two of the people decide to participate. These two each choose a postcard from their mixed pile, and exchange it with each other. They mix their cards some more. These piles are then put together and mixed in with the others that were discarded. Without any pumping, the mentalist names what each participant has in mind, and precisely the image on each person's postcard, although each image on every postcard is different.

* Open Mail: A participant takes a large stack of postcards and deals the images face up, one at a time. A participant stops (freely) wherever they wish. Perhaps they stopped on a postcard from PARIS. Had they stopped earlier, they would have landed on New York or Indiana, or one more postcard and they would have landed on perhaps Illinois. The performer never touches the postcards. The participant deals them all on their own, stopping wherever they like. A prediction that has been in full view from the start is opened and shown to predict PARIS...their selected postcard city.

*The Emperor: The postcards are shuffled by audience members, gathered, distributed to participants, who shuffle them some more. The participants look at their random set of postcards and are told to make a mental story about the postcards they have in their hands. The mentalist reveals, without pumping, humorous stories which name the exact postcards each participant is holding. Unfortunately, the performer missed the last person's last remaining postcard image. A prediction, in full view from the start, is opened by an audience member and read out loud. The prediction names the very image that was missed by the performer. No switches or multiple outs.

*Postcards From The Edge: Two participants deal any secret amount of postcards. These two sets are combined so the performer cannot know how many postcards each person gave themselves. Each participant is told to remember the image that falls at their secret number. The postcards are set then set aside. The mentalist claims that perhaps Mind Reading isn't real, but if it were, the performer would be able to just shout out the numbers 8 and 12 as the numbers the two participants had in mind. (These ARE the exact numbers they have in mind!) The performer also claims that if there was real Mind Reading, the performer would know the images they had in mind. In a very surprising way, the performer names the cities in the minds of the participant, AND shows it was predicted before the show began. No pumping or guessing. You KNOW.

There is also a BONUS postcard effect originally published in Kenton's Sorcerer Series.

Complete eBook, individual postcard graphics, and a full set of the postcards Kenton uses himself, ready to be printed out on card stock, glossy photo paper or whatever you prefer.

Never worry about trying to find more postcards, postcards getting dirty, wet, damaged or lost. Just print out more anytime you need.

Unique mentalism using visual imagery, great participant interaction, built-in humor, with simple to do, realistic Mind Reading.

NO prompting, NO sleight of hand, NO switches or secret helpers, NO guessing.

Put the postcards in your case or pocket, and you are ready to perform.

All is contained in a single ZIP FILE download. Unzip the file using any unzip program on your tablet or computer, and everything will be found inside!<


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