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Rants Into Raves ONE - PDF Download


Long out of print, we are allowing this important and oft-referenced work to be downloaded at a minimum price so nearly everyone can afford to purchase it.

Over a decade ago it changed countless performers and became the impetus for untold numbers of books by others...

Kenton's "Rants Into Raves" (One) is a booklet of essays that forever challenged and changed the way we think about mentalism, magic, our "acts", celebrity and just about everything else.

There are few words befitting such a work. To say these are "essays" is to do grave injustice.

Suffice it to say that a performer recently doing magic and mentalism at the Sundance Film Festival cited this work as a major influence in his work at that important event.

The writing is in simple language, but written like an actor marking a script with underlines, bold words, exclamations and more as if Kenton is speaking to you directly.

Topics and Information in this classic work include:

* "The Act"

* Reciprocity

* Affect and Effect (It started in this work first, friends)

* Why We Buy or Believe

* Celebrity Status

* Associations and Expectations

* The ART of Magic and Mentalism?

* Sharing and Relationship With Your Audience

* The Big Secret

* Much More

27 Pages that will blow your mind, challenge your assumptions and change what you do as a performer forever.

Many names in magic have used this work as a starting point for their own essays and books. This work is constantly referenced to with and without credit by performers and authors everywhere, for over a decade.

While the first "Rants (One)" has been out of print for some time, you can obtain it at last here as a very special download.

We believe everyone should have this work, and so we are offering it to you here at a minimum price. We're sure once this work has got you pondering, aggravated, inspired or mind-blown, you'll buy other offerings in return - See "Reciprocity" in this work for more about why we are offering this one so darn inexpensively.

Kenton wanted to rewrite this one day but many protested that it ought to be left in the very form that inspired them originally. Kenton conceded at last, and allowed us to offer this as a remarkable and easily affordable down-loadable instruction.

Get inspired! Change how you view what you do and why FOR GOOD.

Get "Rants Into Raves" NOW...

(Rants 2 is still available in hard copy form.)


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