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S.A.R. Cards and Readings

  • Special images secretly tell you all about the psychological makeup of a person during a reading
  • A shortcut to Kenton's S.A.R. system you can do immediately and easily
  • Use the cards to visually reprogram a participant after their reading


Wouldn't it be nice to have a way of doing psychological readings that no one else was performing and that had the spectator do much of the work? That very system, as used by Kenton Knepper and Luca Volpe, is revealed here for the first time.

An incredible system that allows you to do making the spectator or client help read for themselves!

If you own S.A.R. already, then this is a no-brainer addition to what you already do. If you are a reader, personal coach, or other personal guide, you'll want these as well.

If you know nothing about S.A.R., that's fine. You will be able to use this system without any other knowledge or background. Everything you need is built right into the system for you.

Three different sets of ten different downloadable images are used as special cards for these readings. The images help the spectator reveal things about themselves by their choices, getting quick insights into their personality and life situation.

This is NOT a "divination" tool. It may appear that way. In fact, the spectator or client chooses one card and their choice gives you and the spectator real insight.

Each of the three special sets of ten cards work in their own unique manner. 

  • One set tells you secretly about a person based upon their choice of colors and order on a card.
  • Another set tells you secretly about a person based on what they see in pre-made doodle cards, as well as the secret meanings in these cards that you know.
  • A third set of cards tells you secretly about a person based on what they choose among various symbolic and metaphorical imagery. These images also urge people to talk to themselves about their issue.


After the main personality reading you can use the cards to visually reprogram ideas the spectator or client holds in their mind. This is a simplified reprogramming version of S.A.R. that many will find useful. Not only do you help a person realize more about themselves and their situation, you end with the client or spectator making a new choice, and implanting a visual reminder in their mind to help make that a reality.

Best of all, because these are downloadable card images, you can print out the card sheets and make up as many as you want for giveaways, business cards and more. You also get each image as its own file, so you can enlarge, shrink and use them as you best see fit.

This complete set is available now in PDF and JPG files when you order here.

We know that S.A.R. and its various components are never cheap, but this time we are making the addition highly affordable. The rights to learn, use and print these cards are not hundreds of dollars. You get this first set of 30 different images, as three sets of ten cards to print out, the exacting instructions, complete with detailed meanings about each card, and full rights to use these images as suggested for only $40

An S.A.R. component has never been this inexpensive and accessible before. We are certain that many outside of S.A.R. will want to use these too, so we have priced this set in hopes that more will be able to use these tools in their work and performances, while encouraging others to become Certified in the full S.A.R. System.

NOTE: There are a lot of images and items to download. PLEASE BE PATIENT AS THESE DOWNLOAD. 

The 30 cards are DOWNLOAD IMAGES that you print out as you wish, and use as directed in the System's instructions.

A fine, innovative, and unique collection for readings, reprogramming, psychological and personality examination. A must for S.A.R. Technicians and readers of all kinds.

What People Are Saying...

"Downloaded the new S.A.R. Card Set on Friday and played with them all weekend. They are an excellent tool, and could be absolutely lethal in the right hands! I intend to use them in my practice and in my lectures."
— Robert Ing, Forensic Scientist, Mentalist. LifeStrategies Coach

"Thank you for SAR it is totally accurate in getting a read on the homeless people I work with, and the information I receive by using it is a valuable guide in determing what I need to do to help them with their individual problems, and knowing which of them has the best chance of completing our rehabilitation programs."
— Michael E Lyles Sr.


  1. S.AR. Card 1 2 3 Red Blue Green Individual Card Image (243 KB)

  2. S.A.R. Card Set Sheet Part 2 (1.16 MB)

  3. S.A.R. Card Emotion Individual Image (360 KB)

  4. S.A.R. Blue and White Juggle Individual Image (323 KB)

  5. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Green Blue Red Individual Image (242 KB)

  6. S.A.R. Blue and White Set Sheet (1.62 MB)

  7. S.A.R. Card Proof Individual Card Image (293 KB)

  8. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Self Individual Card Image (316 KB)

  9. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Yellow Blue Green Individual Image (245 KB)

  10. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Blue Green Red Individual Image (245 KB)

  11. S.A.R. Card Growth Individual Image (276 KB)

  12. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Mirror Individual Image (263 KB)

  13. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Green Red Blue Individual Image (243 KB)

  14. S.A.R. Card Set Blue and White Set Sheet Part 2 (1.16 MB)

  15. S.A.R. Card Respond Individual Image (298 KB)

  16. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Wall Individual Image (242 KB)

  17. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Energy Individual Image (267 KB)

  18. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Blue Red Green Individual Image (244 KB)

  19. READ THIS FIRST S.A.R. Card Information (41 KB)

  20. S.A.R. Card Hope Individual Image (291 KB)

  21. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Needle Individual Image (267 KB)

  22. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Red Blue Green Individual Image (243 KB)

  23. S.A.R. Cards Book (904 KB)

  24. S.A.R. Card Still Individual Image (299 KB)

  25. S.A.R. Card Breakthrough Individual Image (383 KB)

  26. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Grow Individual Image (314 KB)

  27. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Blue Red Purple Individual Card (239 KB)

  28. S.A.R. Card Sheet 1 2 3 Set (1.33 MB)

  29. S.A.R. Card Initiation Individual Image (313 KB)

  30. S.A.R. Blue and White Part and Whole Individual Image (322 KB)

  31. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Red Blue Purple Individual Image (237 KB)

  32. S.A.R. Card Set Sheet (1.87 MB)

  33. S.A.R. Card Connect Individual Card (350 KB)

  34. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Head Individual Image (268 KB)

  35. S.A.R. Card 1 2 3 Blue Yellow Green Individual Image (249 KB)

  36. S.A.R. Card Sheet 1 2 3 Set Part 2 (971 KB)

  37. S.A.R. Card Physical Individual Image (263 KB)

  38. S.A.R. Card Blue and White Perception Individual Image (266 KB)

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Media Type Digital Lesson

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Customer Reviews

  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    REVIEW by Tony Razzano

    5 Stars

    The advertising says this system will help people read for themselves? Yup! Pie in the sky? Nope! They really do and they get into it. Before you say much, they will tell you a lot about themselves. Just to be clear, as mentioned above, Kenton calls these psychological readings and they are, but I don’t use them that way and you need not either. These cards are flexible enough that you can use them in any way that you choose.

    What you get is a download of each set of cards (there are three different sets) and a 33 page PDF of instructions. Now as to the download of the cards, I think it’s a good idea so I can give the card the sitter chooses to the sitter after the reading. Bear with me…that will become a little clearer in a few minutes.

    The three sets of cards are Number/Color cards, pre made Doodle Cards and Symbolic/Metaphorical cards. You choose one set to use for each sitter. The sitter chooses a card and you have a conversation with her about the card. You know the meaning, but there is no need to tell her just yet. Let them talk as per Kenton’s and Luca’s suggestions, then you can comment all you want when they are through. I was a bit skeptical when I first read this, but when I tried it out, it worked beautifully!

    Personally, I really like the doodle cards. I have them choose one, again, as per the way Kenton and Luca suggest ( that’s important). Then when they are all done talking about it, I pull out another doodle card that will replace the first and subconsciously reprogram the negative to the positive (SAR people will understand this completely. I’ll get to the rest of you shortly). The other two sets of cards work just s well.

    At the very end of the reading, I give the card to the sitter to take home and put in a place where she will see it everyday so as to reinforce the positive. That’s why I said above that I like the download idea. You can download these on card stock and give them away. You can do dozens of them for a very low expense, depending on your printer, ink etc. You don’t need a laser printer. An inkjet does quite well.

    If you have S.A.R., these cards will enhance the S.A.R. readings, but they can stand on their own, too. I use the doodle cards in conjunction with S.A.R.

    So what if you don’t have S.A.R.? No problem. This system can easily stand on its own without a problem. Kenton and Luca give you detailed meanings for each of the 30 cards. A lot to remember? Not really. If you read the meanings a couple of times with the cards in front of you, the meanings will come to you as you look at the cards. Please, don’t try to give the entire meaning of each card. You don’t need to. Just a few tings about each card is more than sufficient.

    Also, for you non-S.A.R. people these cards are easy to use on their own. They are colorful and unique so you will stand out from the crowd. What about those of you who don’t like psychic readings? Not to worry. These are so well done that you can easily do readings based on symbolism and psychology if you would rather.

    All in all, this is a fine set of downloadable cards (oracle if you will) for anyone to give accurate readings. Its all in the 33 page PDF.

    Oh yes…by the way, this system got started when Luca had some visitors and they asked for a reading, so he made up some doodles on the spot and he was incredibly accurate. So he and Kenton developed this into a sophisticated system. Highly recommended!!!"

    Was this review helpful to you?YesNo