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Safe Bet by Pablo Amira

  • Learn real verbal control and charming control
  • Have a powerful, entertaining routine always ready in your wallet
  • Secretly practice devious techniques while you are performing

A prediction in your wallet is ALWAYS 100% correct. Not just a fun and amazing routine, but also a study in communicational skills for the mystery performer.

If you want a practical and strong routine always ready in your wallet, Safe Bet is your solution.

Being able to perform Mentalism anytime, anywhere, and with normal borrowed props, is a necessity for amateurs and professional performers.

Safe Bet will give you powerful verbal control, as well as an impressive effect that seems entirely impromptu.


The performer places a wallet on the table, claiming that the mystery game proposed is a “Safe Bet” for him. Then an “invisible deck” is shown to start an elimination process. In the end the whole group decides on one of 52 options in a very free manner, without ambiguous statements. The performer opens his wallet to reveal an impossible prediction of the named decision, finishing this mysterious game with great applause and a highly interesting souvenir for the participant.

Pablo Amira has created this fine piece, and now you can learn his effect and all of his secrets, complete with cunning psychology.



  1. Safe Bet by Pablo Amira (7.20 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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