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SHINE: Lost Tool Of Mentalism


SHINE was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and

SHINE: The Lost Tool of Real Mentalism

Danny Proctor and Kenton Knepper team up to give you a wild tour of one of the most underused weapons in mentalism...the only they could.

Shiners are one of the most important and powerful tools known to mentalism, but so few today know how to use shiners well.

Now you can learn how to use this mind-blowing tool in ways few would ever realize.

Whether you know what a shiner is or not, take a look at some of the effects in this book. They will show you why you simply must have this work if you want to do realistic mentalism.

Included in this eBook is:

* Ghoster Coaster

Someone writes the name of their favorite beer on a beer coaster and sets it writing side down under their drink while the performer's back is turned. The performer makes the participant imagine they are drinking that beer. Instantly, the person seems to be hypnotized. They drink an imaginary beer. They say it is making them drunk! They might get so drunk off their imagined beer that they can't touch their nose or walk a straight line! The performer sips the imaginary beer and is able to name the brand in the participant's mind.

* Kenton's Mind Reading Brain Phone App

A supposed new phone app seems to measure the brainwaves of a participant, and interprets the waves to be able to discern basic shapes, images, even playing cards. It can even reveal names. No downloads or links to applications required. No extra program to buy. It's SOOOoo easy. Carry it with you always.

* Game Changer

Get ready for people to believe. Two people from the audience help. One dumps coins onto a table to mix with the performer's change, and puts a secret amount in their pocket. The performer turns back around and hands them a note, and the other person a second prediction. The performer names the value of the coins in the participant's pocket. They read the note and it has predicted this very amount. The second helper tosses coins and eliminates them until one coin selected. It is the very coin, and date, predicted in the second prediction.

* At My Fingertips

Someone grabs a book from their own bookshelf and the performer jams a bookmark inside. The helper is asked to name a page. The book is opened to the bookmark and the person helping is astonished to find the performer predicted their named page! Then...the performer reads any other pages selected by the participant freely and randomly using fingers. Really.

* Allen Zingg's Master Peek Wallet

It's probably your ordinary wallet, but not even famed mentalists knew what was going on with this one until now. A peek wallet that may be examined. It's an ordinary wallet. Or is it? This is worth the price of the book for many. A little knowledge is a VERY dangerous thing...for doubters of mentalism.

* Kenton's Watch It

A watch turning effect with a time hidden from view. Even if you don't or cannot do a watch turning routine, you'll be able to do this one. It's watch turning without having to secretly turn the watch at all. Yep, it's that diabolical. Pure Kenton. No extra gimmicks needed. Use a normal watch and a standard business card. No Dual Reality. Everyone is amazed.


A Living/Dead Celebrity Test with a method you won't believe until you read it, naming playing cards or symbols dealt out of an ungimmicked clear card shoe after being shuffled or created by the audience, reading images and thoughts, design duplications and more away from anything, clear dry erase predictions, Mind Reading in the kitchen, with business card holders, in your living room, you name it!


Look, we're telling you it works with shiners and you still can't probably figure out how these routines work, right? So what chance do non-mentalists and magicians, or those not told you are using a shiner, have in figuring you out? NOT MUCH.

Kenton trains you in print just as if you were one of his private Students, so you can do miracles easily, naturally, impromptu, in other people's homes, at the bar, anywhere.

If you are a pro, you already know there is precious little work on this subject. Leave it to Danny Proctor and Kenton to bring shiners back to their rightful place among mentalists and better magicians.

If you want to perform realistic mentalism, you need this, period. It's about time someone got around to doing this, and no one could have given you what is in here besides these two performers and creative way-out-of-the-box thinkers.

Nearly 80 pages, packed with photos so you can learn quickly and easily how to apply these diabolical ideas.

Don't have a shiner? NO PROBLEM. This eBook will give you plenty of options you already have, and cheap and easy ways to get typical shiners too. You don't need to go to a magic or gambler supply house for them anymore! Shh. Don't tell dealers we told you the truth.

The only question that remains unanswered is how long will it take for everyone else to jump on this bandwagon now that this book is released. Once again, Kenton and his Students break the mold and begin new trends.

Here's the real thing.

SHINE was named "One Of The Top Mentalism Products of 2012 by Jheff and


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