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Stone Cold Readings

  • Mentalist continually predicts which stones are in which hands of a participant
  • Mentalist gives a personality reading due to the choices of the participant
  • The third time a prediction in full view is shown to predict what the participant will do in the end

Exclusive to Wonder Wizards

Here is a rare combination of devious talent, secret symbolism, mentalism and readings all in one.

Kenton's Symbolic Stone and Crystal Reading:

Both mentalist and participant take a crystal stone and an earthy rock in their hands. They mix these behind their backs, and hide one in each hand. The performer shows that he always has the stones in the same hand as the participant.

The third time the participant is to hide either stone in their pocket, and keep the other one in their hand. Not only does the mentalist mimic these actions correctly, the mentalist also has a written prediction, kept in full view, that tells what the participant has put in their pocket!

No sleight of hand. No moves. No magnets.

This method is entirely new to mentalism, as Kenton has kept it all to himself for a very long time.

In the process, the performer is able to talk to the participant about their life, doing short little readings as part of the revelation process.

Cashliostro's Three Stone Wonder Work:

This is a piece Count Cashliostro does with his clients in New Age stores and when giving talks about crystals.

A client is shown three different stones. They choose two. They mix the stones under the table, or behind their back. When they have a stone hidden in each hand, they bring their closed hands into view.

The mentalist strokes their hands, claiming this well reveal the client's dominant hand. Believe it or not, this is seen to work! The client admits the mentalist is correct. But this is just the beginning. The mentalist speaks about the client's personality, and how they have certain patterns in their lives. With NO pumping whatsoever, the mentalist names which hands hold which stones.

What is most important here is how the mentalist truly connects with the participant or client. This is not merely the same old mentalist "Guess which hand it is in" plot.

Both of these routines have a strong influence on the participant, and anyone watching. This is realistic mentalism, with the focus on reading the participant.

Commercial, realistic Mind Read mixed with personality readings.

You'll be surprised how easy it is, and what these methods are, once you read this exclusive eBook.


  1. Stone Cold Readings Book (42.38 MB)

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