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SPD Influence - Suggestion Prediction Deck

  • The cards are constantly shown face up.
  • The cards are legitimately shuffled by a participant.
  • The performer keeps HANDS OFF during the shuffling and choosing of cards by participants.
  • You will always be able to correctly influence both participants. You can even bet on it.

"F**k...F**K.  Amazing.  Watching Kenton perform the Suggestion Prediction Deck made me feel like a layman again. A devious mix of clever wording, solid construction and novel presentation made me experience this effect as a true mystery." - Rafael Benatar

"Your close up is a revelation" - Kevin Burke, Las Vegas Entertainer Of The Year

Videos can hint at the main effect, but in case you are video-challenged, here are the basics:

A deck is cut numerous times face up. The audiences sees a great many face up cards. The performer claims these are not random cuts. The performer insists that all of this face up cutting is influencing the onlookers. Naturally the participants don't believe it. The deck is then shuffled in the hands, or on the table. The deck may be sloppily cut in a haphazard manner before the shuffle, or not.

Two participants freely remove a card from the cut and shuffled ribbon spread.

The two cards taken are exactly the cards predicted in advance. Kenton even bets $100 on this when performing for laypeople (that's entirely up to you...we are not suggesting you bet with people).

Yes, you will always end strong.

As stated openly in the effect, the cards are marked so as to subliminally influence the participants. They won't believe that of course...until they find out it worked!


* The cards are cut continually face up from the very start.

* The cards are honestly cut.

* The cards are legitimately shuffled. A participant may shuffle the cards if you choose. 

* Both participants freely take cards out of the ribbon spread. Instead, the deck may be cut into two piles and participants remove two cards from their piles, if you prefer.

* The predictions are on the table from the start. There are no switches. The chosen cards are not switched out, nor are the prediction cards switched.

* NO dual reality or insider help.

* This may applied to other cards, photos, postcards and the like, for non-card mentalism and suggestion.

Even better is that slowing the effect down on video shows how you influence participants with the cuts, and yet still leaves the audience and participants entirely dumbfounded! It looks like real influence on every level...except you cannot fail.


You'll also get as an incredible BONUS the Robert Merlin Davis routine, "Mentally Unencumbered." This is a full routine as performed by Mr. Davis at the Forks Hotel, flooring everyone. Not only does the Mind Reader name or find a card, the participant is able to use an amulet, pendulum, finger or cucumber to find their own card using their own intuition.

No switches and so perfectly free in choice that it has fooled countless names in mentalism and magic, until this revelation, here as a BONUS.

You get streaming videos of performance and detailed explanations,  plus an eBook which also includes the Bonus routine and method in detail.

This is a STUNNER. It is as fair and as clean looking as you can get. It seems impossible because you apparently do nothing but influence people at the start.

Kenton's SPD has fooled some of the best minds in mentalism and magic.

Now you'll find out for yourself all the devious psychology and subtle influence that really makes it work.

If it blew away a card guy like Rafael Benatar, imagine what it can do for YOU.



  1. SPD Performance 1

  2. SPD Performance 2 - Extreme Close Up View

  3. SPD Explanation 1

  4. SPD Explanation Part 2

  5. You don't need it, but you can use this effectively when you like.


  1. Suggestion Prediction Deck Companion Book (993 KB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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