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The 4 and 3 and 1 Card Trick by Kenton Knepper

  • Fast-paced close-up magic most anyone can do.
  • Three great and quick card effects, that sensibly go from one routine and packet to another.
  • The 3 Card Trick fooled Kenton when he watched it after a decade - and it's his own trick!
  • The 1 Cards Trick is Kenton's Ultimate Diminishing Card secrets with more details than ever before.

Three really different card effects and methods that you cannot get anywhere else. The video doesn't do the effect full justice. When you watch the explanation video you'll see it much better!

These are Kenton Originals that few know anything about. They play like crazy and yet are easy to do (unlike Kenton's finger-flinging Trick Deck/Real Deck routines)!

The performer does a trick with only four cards, saying that using a full deck might be too much for spectators to follow.

The performer does a trick with four cards that surprised everyone, even those who know the classic working. The performer then offers to use only three cards. The three-card trick slays people even more (this is the one that Kenton fooled himself with)!

Finally, the performer does a "one card" trick, using a lucky card that visually stuns everyone.


At this price, it's a steal just to learn of these amazing methods and Kenton's ingenious thinking.

Cards are not included. Full details are given so you can create these yourself with cards from your magic dealer. Streaming video lessons are supplied here. Get your own cards.

Watch the video of Kenton's The 3 Card Trick on this page, and you'll see why you want this set of demonstrations and full video secrets right away.


  1. The 4 Card Trick Effect

  2. The 4 Card Trick Explained

  3. The 3 Card Trick Effect

  4. The 3 Card Trick Explained

  5. The 1 Card Trick UDC Effect

  6. The 1 Card Trick UDC Explained

  7. UDC Additional Notes

Media Type Digital Lesson

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