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The Guide - EXCLUSIVE Download


    "The Guide"

    A Meditation on Guided Meditation For Performers


    A Guide To Presenting Guided Meditations, Linguistic Influence, Suggestibility, Relaxation, and Inner Guidance

A Wonder Wizards Direct EXCLUSIVE

"The Guide" is an intense example of Kenton's brilliant use of words and suggestion, and how he can create deep influence with seemingly simple words and phrases. This is an advanced application of Wonder Words and suggestion.

You will learn how Kenton has created a side-business by offering "guided meditations" to mentalism, hypnosis clients, and others interested in "the mental arts."

"The Guide" is a guided meditation program as developed by Kenton. It allows you to become an instant expert and help others follow you as you take over the guided meditation Kenton begins on the audio program. Or you can say nothing at all, and still be perceived an expert in the mental arts.

Whether you have been around guided meditations for decades or this is new to you, Kenton's work on the subject will thrill and impress you and your audiences.

What else will "The Guide" do for you?

It's a new market, a new way of getting business, a new way for performers to be taken seriously - and that's for starters.

If you do mentalism, hypnosis, weerd or bizarre magic, have stressed-out corporate clients, or just want to study new ways Kenton uses his magical words, then The Guide is for you.

Many mental or psychic entertainers are hounded for classes on intuition. Many hypnotists and trance illusionists are asked for free help being “hypnotized.” No performer incorporating suggestion into their work should be oblivious to the needs and desires of the Public who wish to have help from their cherished performer. Kenton's work and creations with guided meditations have become the perfect legal and easy solution to all of this and much more.

The Guide has become a side-business in other aspects; a new way to help others while helping your own business, a promotional tool for your performances, and a novel solution to the old problem of audiences taking you too seriously and wanting your help.

Allen Zingg On…

Why Should I Perform The Guide and For Whom Should I Do So?

You are about to explore the “whys and wherefores” of Kenton’s The Guide. You will learn not only how and why this special guided meditation works but also how and where it can be useful to you and your clients and even audiences. If you are:

· A Mentalist: You can use the audio meditation to add authenticity to your performances, playing it before, in the middle or at the end of your performance. This is ideal for private parties and can help to differentiate you from other performers. Translation: greater opportunity for performances and higher fees.

· A Reader: You will be able to use the meditation as an incredibly useful tool to working with and helping your clients. The audio will give you a way of helping your clients relax and begin to do their own healing work, or work toward their objectives. As such, it can be used as a standalone session, and it may also be used to begin a reading session to put the client in a positive and receptive state of being. As well, it might be used at the end of a reading session to help the client begin to internalize what he or she has “discovered” during the preceding reading session. And, there’s no reason why you can’t use the meditation program more than once — results: richer experiences for your clients, and more opportunity for multiple sessions with clients.

· A Mentalist or Magician for entertainment only: You may never play the audio program for any paying audience if that’s either not your style, or the venues don’t fit. But what you will get from playing the audio program and studying this manuscript is the value of understanding Kenton’s special language patterns, and specific actions/language sets that you can use in your own for entertainment only performances. These will increase the impact of specific effects and your performance overall. Whether you have Kenton’s Wonder Words series or not, you will benefit equally from this real world application of many of his techniques and have a chance to see and experience just how powerful and effective they are.

· An Interested Person: That is, just for yourself, playing the audio will help you meditate and relax. If you are a stressed out performer, this alone is worth the price. If you are a creative soul, entering this state can add to your creativity.

"If you like Wonder Words… The Guide is a must-study."

- Allen Zingg

"Kenton, I just listened through The Guide. Absolutely amazing! I've never felt more relaxed and creative."

- Karen McKinney Underwood

What comes with "The Guide"?

You get Kenton's full script, with an extensive examination of all the secret words and suggestions used in every part of this script.

Over 25 pages of work on how, why and all you need to begin to make this into a side business or promotional tool beginning with friends and family.

PLUS the over 30 minute long audio program of Kenton's original guided meditation to use for yourself and with clients/friends.

You get both PDF and Audio Downloads for one low price as an introduction to our new exclusive, direct-to-customers-only material.

Some of Kenton's most personal work now revealed at a very special low price because we are selling this direct only -not at dealers.

Audio Download is 38.46Mb ! BE PATIENT. It's over a half an hour of audio.

PDF Download is about 50. Kb

Listen to it on your iPod, phone, computer or burn it on a CD and relax yourself as well. Maybe real inner guidance now speaks to you too...

It sure did to us... and to Kenton (but you'll read more about that soon for yourself !)

You'll came back to study it's secrets again and again.


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