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Random Reader (Download)



This is a part of a series of individual releases direct from Kenton's own act and work...but it's far more than just a trick.

"Well worth the price. The simplicity of this system makes it usable in so many different scenarios. In the hands of a creative user, it's a cold reader's swiss army knife!" - Robert Ing

Here is a wild effect that has served Kenton for numerous years, as well as a longstanding system by Kenton for his work in linguistic deception, readings, motivation and personal work with others.


Two sets of seven full size envelopes are mixed by two participants.

The performer speaks about how perhaps readings can fit anyone, how readers think that what you focus on matters, and asks one of the participants for a topic on their mind.

Each participant takes an envelope after they have mixed their sets. The two envelopes are opened by the participants to review one full size sheet of paper with partial sentences on it.

The other participant finds a clear sheet of transparent plastic with fill in the blank statements on it.

The two selected sheets are put together and they turn out to be a reading specifically on the subject matter named by one of the participants. The reading is insightful, useful, drops in twenty plus suggestions during the reading, and states exactly the topic on the mind and heart of the participant.

It's a surprising, completely novel prediction and surefire pre-printed reading in one.

All the sheets and envelopes are different. You may have a participant try another sheet to prove any other choice would have resulted in utter gibberish.

Not only that, but the various sheets may be used to teach you how to better apply Wonder Words type language, do any sort of readings over the phone, train you in special influential language, as well as help in creating motivational talks. Yes, seriously, it does all this and more.

Just to be entirely clear, despite the title of this work, the reading given is exact and entirely specific to the issue the participant has in mind.

Best of all, it's quite easy to do as Kenton has done the hard part!

Simply order now and download the PDFs. Then print out the sheets as described in the instructions. You can use very thin paper or get transparency paper to use for one of the sets. The other set can be printed on any paper or card stock you like. Then perform it almost right away!

With This System You Will Also:

* Be able to do fill-in-the-blank type readings instantly

* Learn subconsciously special words and phrases to ensure hits in readings, get acceptance in talks, influence people to believe what you say

* Bump up your application of linguistic deception and Wonder Words without conscious effort

* Do readings that contain hidden suggestions and help instantly, even if you have never done readings before

* Discover visual marked out phrases and other secret things that make for meaning and acceptance from others

* That's not to mention the amazing and completely novel original effect that is THE RANDOM READER

You'll love the devious ways Kenton has created readings and predictions that make multiple levels of suggestions at once, as the participant reads the reading along with you. Not only does the reading hit their issue, it makes 22 suggestions of how they can take action and responsibility to get what they desire!

The Random Reader may be used to create impromptu readings in person, over the phone, online, or anywhere. It gives you great influence and thought implantation phrases to use in other ways too. You don't have to know how it all works or memorize a thing, because it's all built into the system for you.

All you need to do is perform!

What does such a powerhouse of tools cost? Kenton is making this too-accessible at the moment. It's a great price for something you can read quickly and performer without great effort or study. Kenton's been sitting on this one for a long time. Your price is only $30 if you act now.

Who knew you could get it all so fast, easily and cheaply?

Once again, Kenton reveals something completely different in both effect and method, as only he can.


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