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Trick Deck Real Deck

  • Full 12 minute visually stunning and overwhelming card routine that people will never forget
  • Do more with an ungimmicked deck than with a dozen trick ones
  • Make quick, visual, deep and lasting impressions, all with a deck of cards.
  • Kenton uses this as his closing card routine to this day.
  • All in streaming videos, instantly available

As a close up performer I can’t imagine me nor my students not using many of the tools Kenton has taught. My teacher - Eugene Burger - turned me on to Kenton and endorsed many of his tools that I use to this day, after 30 years in magic.     - Newell Unfried


People wrongly assume Kenton Knepper is a mentalist only.

The truth is, Kenton is a wizard in many forms of magic as well as mentalism.

Honestly, the demo video doesn't even begin to do this routine justice. It looks even more amazing live, and you'll see why as you learn it all for yourself.

This is Kenton's legendary 12 minute card routine. It makes audience think you must be using a trick deck, only to realize over and over that the deck is normal... but that simply could be the case.

This routine is a complete head spinner and alters the minds of all who see it. 

Some of you know of Kenton's "Conscious Overload" deck routine. He put that out on video decades ago. Yet few people know that Conscious Overload is really just ONE PHASE of a wild, eye-popping, full on card routine.

You can do any piece of this routine on its own, or use it all together. New ideas and moves from this routine have begin to make their way into card magic over the decades, but few know that these ideas started with this routine over 30 years ago.

Kenton uses this routine, or parts of it, in every close-up show he does to this day.

You will be impressed not only with the routine, but all the impossible, devious elements in it, as only Kenton's mind could create.

Take or word for it and learn it all in streaming videos here, or watch the long demo version before you order.

If you do anything with cards at all, you cannot go wrong with this routine, its many phases, and outstanding principles.

EFFECT: The basic routine is that a deck of cards is clearly seen as normal, and then is suddenly all faces on both sides, fanned openly. Then the deck is seen to be all backs, on both sides, fanned openly. Obviously a trick deck is being used. Then it gets weird. Only the black cards turn faces up. Now the deck is clearly shuffled faces u and faces down (for real). A participant peeks at a card. The deck is turned every-which-way and the performer suddenly names the person's card! The looks like real mentalism to onlookers. But that's not all. The cards are now suddenly all face up. That's still not all. The cards are now all in perfect order. That's right, every card in the deck is in order, like a brand new deck. NO SWITCHES. Now... the same deck (really, the same one used the entire time) is handed out to the audience for examination. It is an ordinary deck in every way. No kidding. 

Oh, and did we forget to tell you this effect is simply PHASE ONE of the whole routine?

This uses principles entirely new to magic, and bizarre changes on old principles too. You have never seen a card routine like this with a deck that can be continually examined.

Honestly, the demo video still isn't anything like as cool as it is live. When you learn it, you will see how much the video demo missed showing. It's wilder in person, and as you learn all the secrets, you'll see what we mean for yourself.

We simply can't say enough about this lesson. Sadly, too many performers think Kenton doesn't know card work, and so they miss this incredible routine and principles, even though some of them have made their way into their own card work without their knowing it. Even if you are only mildly interested in card effects, or if you are very serious about card work, you need this complete routine. It will blow your mind when you see all you can do with a single deck of cards, and one or two extra cards at most.


  1. Trick Deck Real Deck Routine Demo

  2. Trick Deck Real Deck Explained Part 1: Intro, Psychology, and First Phase

  3. TDRD Explained Part 2: Integration ll

  4. TDRD Explained Part 3: Conscious Overload

  5. TDRD Explained Part 4: Lazy Ambitious

  6. TDRD Explained Part 5: Credits

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