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True Mysteries - Fraser Parker (Download)



In this book you will learn:

* How to cause someone not to speak until you snap your fingers

* How to make people unable to take something out of their hands or pick it up off a table

* How to make people name the opposite of their beliefs as their beliefs with a snap of your fingers or a touch on the head

* How to name a card someone only thinks of in their mind without asking a lot of questions or "pumping"

* Much More

Read the important details below:

The world of mentalism and magic is once more about to be changed forever. TRUE MYSTERIES is a book of real miracles.

I just finished editing Fraser Parker's book "True Mysteries". I can honestly say I would put this right up there with Luke Jermay's "7 Deceptions" without question. Fraser Parker is about to become as recognized for making the impossible possible as Luke Jermay. I am proud to call Mr. Parker my true Student. Anyone who studies or appreciates my work needs to have this book and read it more than once!"

-Kenton Knepper

High praise indeed from Kenton about another one of his groundbreaking Students. Everyone will be talking about this new release.

Fraser Parker takes after his mentor Kenton with the same breakthrough attitude in his own work. If you want to do mentalism, magic and hypnosis effects that looks real, and may be real, you need search no further than Fraser Parker and his book "True Mysteries".

You may have read portions of this work in some of Kenton's previous releases on trance illusion and suggestion. Now Mr. Parker has perfected many of these works, and teaches his very latest breakthroughs in an orderly, step by step process.

This book will teach you each progressive principle as you go along, until you too will be able to do the miracles as Fraser Parker does himself. You won't need special skills you can't acquire. If you can read this book and you will put it to use, you too will do the following:

*Stuck For The Moment in which a person instantly falls under the performer's spell and cannot let go of a deck of cards (or any other item you wish). No gimmicks. Pure influence and suggestion. A snap of the fingers and the person finds they are no longer stuck and admit they can now easily give the deck to anyone.

*Struck Dumb as the performer appears to move along into an effect the participant suddenly is seen not to be able to speak! Their lips may move, but they can't say anything. Fortunately this is only temporary and the trick soon moves along properly. NO setups, gimmicks or stooges...ever. NO jerking the person around or long inductions. Just a few casual words make it all happen as a sort of "induction."

*Colour Blind is a strange effect where a participant sees something as one color but insists it is another. Fraser uses a deck of cards for this, but this is NO color changing deck trick. Other items may be used instead. The deck does NOT change color, but the participant using the power of suggestion sees or says it is a different color. Then it all goes back to normal. NO sleight of hand. It's all in the power of suggestion and words.

*Change of Beliefs has become a shocking classic of Mr. Parker's used by Kenton and other pros. Fraser has perfected and updated this impossible effect so anyone can perform it instantly now. No pre-show required. EVERYONE is surprised by this effect, including the participant. What is the effect?

A participant is asked if they believe in God. Perhaps the person replies that they do not. A tap on the head gently and the performer asks what their actual belief is NOW. The person will swear that they DO believe in God, and that they always have. The performer presses them on this belief and the person will insist in no uncertain terms that this is their own, actual, belief. You may reverse the order of this effect, and use entirely different beliefs too, of course. You bet it's shocking.You bet you can do it. You won't believe you can do it until you read how!

*Telepathy Through Touch allows a spectator from one table to place their hands on the forehead of another and reveal what they are thinking. Nothing has to be written down, unless you wish. All parties involved are impressed. A perfect walk-around or table hopping effect.

*Fraser's The Berglas Effect This alone is a masterpiece that stuns anyone familiar with the premise. This may be THE ACAAN effect and method of all time. Get this: A deck is handed to a participant who is told to take the deck over to a group along with the performer. Someone in the group names a card and the person holding the deck names any number. The person holding the deck (they have no idea what's about to happen or how) counts the cards and stops on their number. The card at their number is the other person's card!

NO FORCES of the number or the card. NO gimmicked cards. Everything seems incredibly fair and above board to all participants. The cards may be given away as a gift. NO gimmicks. NO ONE KNOWS how this happens except the performer. Yes, the secret is all suggestion and psychology, as impossible as that may seem.

*Open Chair Prediction is a quirky version of the standard chair prediction as only Fraser Parker could conjure. The performer has a small committee mix up envelopes with colors inside. Colored chairs are on the stage (or have colors under the seats if you prefer). The performer openly claims who will sit where. Each person takes an envelope and has a seat. The participants then open their envelopes and find that the colors in their envelopes match the very seats in which they are seated. NO stooges, NO tricked envelopes, NO multiple outs, NO gimmicks. It all happens in the mind. That's not hype. That's really a big part of how it works.

There is still more, and you will learn important principles as you learn the effects so that you may apply these methods in many other ways. As incredible as the effects are, to be sure, the principles are the real gifts here.

We understand this all seems too impossible and that the way it is described must be strictly hyperbole. The truth is often stranger than the descriptions.

If you are even a little enticed or intrigued by these effects then we know you will be completely taken with the ideas and workings behind them. Sometimes the methods are as amazing as the effects themselves.

We didn't detail several other items in this book but we will mention here Fraser's Free Range Think of a Card because ANY fan of Kolossal Killer, K.E.N.T. or mental card forcing will love this one. Yes, it is included in this book.

We honestly believe this book will be making Fraser Parker the next big thing, and for very good reason. This is groundbreaking, incredible, genius level thinking, made clear, direct and practical.

Yes, some of these will seem too good to be true until you try them. Once in a while you will have to be a little daring to find out that they work as described. But since Mr. Parker has made a name with these very effects he is teaching in full for the first time here, you can and will be able to do just as he does. You won't have to be Fraser Parker, Luke Jermay or Kenton to pull them off. These effects are well within the grasp of anyone who wishes to perform them.

Kenton says, "Once Wonder Words, faro shuffles and Jermay's stuff were deemed impossible. Now they are the rule by which the rest is measured. So it shall be with Fraser Parker's work. He has taken even my own principles and impressed me with them."

We know you too will be amazed at the work, intelligent teaching style, effects, psychology and methods in Fraser Parker's True Mysteries.

With a foreword by Kenton himself and additional comments too.


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