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Weerd Enough in PDF Download



""Last night I performed my version of Grains of Truth (Sunny Beaches) from Kenton Knepper's Weerd Enough. Mentalists should check out this book. Lots of gems in it. By the way, the routine killed." - Richard Tenace

Kenton's Weerd Enough manuscript has become rare and worth a great deal of money when you can find it in physical print. We quit printing it years ago, as it was intended for the last Weerd Weekend celebration only.

Some of the content of Weerd Enough inspired others to create and sell variations of Kenton's original material. Over time, it became a cult classic.

For this Halloween season we have finally decided to republish this as a download for a limited time.

Some of the material you will find in Weerd Enough is:

* Pocket Cloudbusting Kenton's original work with air soluble pens to do weerd and strange things in a spectator's pocket or home was first published at last here. This later made its way into "Perfected Prediction" which we still sell.

* The Channel Yes, it's a card trick but like few others! The performer names the chosen card by channeling the spectator, becoming the spectator, going into a trance, etc. It's as funny as it is impossible. We have sold this item on its own, it's that good.

* Charmed, I'm Sure is a weerd bit of ceremonial magic where a selected talisman vanishes and is found inside a burning candle.

* Crop Circle Readings came long before any commercialized version, and offers very new methods and novel presentations of doing readings. Supplied is the art and readings sheets used by Kenton at the last Weerd Weekend.

* Sunny Beaches was Kenton and Docc Hilford's first published exposure of how Kenton was using scent as a secret method. This was later published in Kenton's "Secret Scent-sations" book.

* Grapes of Wrath a poisoned wine effect originally created for Dr. Juris a great many years before publication here. This was the first and only time Kenton detailed what he had created for Dr. Juris outside of the Kenton classic "Five Bill Miracle". This involves a principle made popular later by a few others but is still far underused today. The wise performer will ponder this carefully to consider other applications.

Plus Kenton's honest and controversial essays based on discussions with unnamed friends and names in mentalism from Weerd Weekend. Many of these writings are as applicable to today as they were in 1999 and 2000.

For those who missed out on the feel of Weerd Weekend, who wondered what Kenton taught at the last Weerd Weekend lecture, or who have been waiting to get their hands on this rare and VERY unusual collection - here it is at last.

Now in download PDF format.


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