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Inner Sanctum Gathering 2019


The MOST transformative experience in my life as a Mystery Performer. What are you waiting for? 

- Pablo Amira

This not an event of tricks. If you are coming to learn tricks you will be disappointed. If you are coming to realize your own real powers of mentalism and magic, how to make them a reality, and work with them to help others in real life, as well as performance, then this is the place and time for you.


 It truly is like experiencing a weekend of real magic. If you've been searching for something more, THIS. IS. IT.

- Steve Wachner

For current Inner Sanctum Members only. If you want to come to the Gathering, be sure to join the Inner Sanctum too by clicking HERE.

Non-active members and non-members of the Inner Sanctum are NOT allowed to this event due to the special nature of the work at this event.


August 2, 3 and 4, 2019 in Chandler, Arizona, Inner Sanctum Gathering 2 will be held.

This will take place in our private home, so you will have rare access to Kenton Knepper.


Kenton and Roxanne have a special home to energize our work.  This will be the last time we use this special situation, so be sure to make it this year.

Spend deep and intimate time with Kenton, not in a hotel or a convention center, but in his personal home. Soak in the atmosphere and vibrations that Kenton soaks in every day. Experience one on one readings by Kenton for your own advancement. Feel the vibrations, live, of Kenton's unique Singing Bowl playing. Discover the meditation of Kenton's piano playing, as he plays adjustment tunes for the group each day.

Experience energy, influence, consciousness shifting, and deepening group connection, while discussing virtually anything with the Master himself, live.


More will be revealed when you arrive.



We are not allowed to say more about this year's important and powerful Gathering. Kenton says he is unsure he should be allowing this work out at all except in expensive one on one mentoring.

This will not be repeated. There is not likely to be another Gathering of this kind. We want to be very open and upfront with you about this. You cannot "do it next time." There will not be a "next time" for this event.


People pay Kenton a minimum of $600-$1000 for one day to work with him directly. You will get two and a half days, and nights with Kenton, as only current Inner Sanctum Members are allowed.


Important!: If you truly want to live a magical life, empowered the way history and tales of the powerful mentalist or magician tell, here is your chance. Don't waste it. If you are not a sincere person, if you are highly cynical, if you cannot believe in anything more than what is commonly thought, believed, accepted, or taught, do not come to this event. We are not saying this as  "clever marketing". We mean this most certainly. If you have long awaited your time to own your true magical and mental abilities, and are committed to being of service in transforming the world with your powers, this is a unique open door for people like you. It is a very rare opportunity, for very rare people. If your mentalism and magic is all about tricks, do yourself a favor and save your money. You'll get nothing you want here. Spend your money learning tricks and psychology with Kenton one on one instead.


This second Gathering is as close, personal, and powerful as it can get. The first Gathering was life-changing for all who attended. Ask anyone lucky enough to have been there.

This year will be even more empowering, so be sure to reserve your place today by ordering on this page and ensure you will be part of the true Inner Sanctum Gathering #2 .

Please bring your swimsuit. You will want one to cool off in the private pool. More about all of that later. There are deeper secrets to the pool that only attendees will discover.

You will be responsible for your own food, transportation, and hotel.

Hotels are cheaper in the summer, so this should help!

The events will be in our home in Chandler, Arizona. You may want to get a hotel somewhere in Chandler to avoid the traffic and travel times from Phoenix to the Chandler area. While we are in the Phoenix Valley, generally speaking, CHANDLER is the actual area we are in for the events.

You will want to fly into Sky Harbor International Airport.


The revolution and evolution continue... one more time.


Still, want to know more? Watch the half-hour video interview below with Pablo Amira and Kenton Knepper about the Gathering and the Inner Sanctum!




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