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Summer Mentor Special

  • One on One with Kenton Knepper
  • 2 Full Days and Nights with The Master
  • Stay in Kenton's Magical Home

You can pay Kenton Knepper $200 an hour to work with him online, one on one, and it's worth so much more. Ask anyone who has done so.

But what if you could work with Kenton in person, in his own home, and have his full attention for two full days and nights?

You can imagine what that would cost.

Yeah, we know... that's a lot of money, but if you respond quickly, we got your back.



THIS SUMMER we are offering you one on one time, in person, for 2 full days and nights, with Kenton Knepper.

The only catch is, you'll have to get in while the opportunity is still available.


Here are the details:

You'll only pay $600 total. That includes a place to stay.

You get 2 full days and nights with Kenton to work on whatever you wish. You can work with Kenton on your act, tricks you love, your scripts, your character, suggestion, indirection, Wonder Words, readings, altered states, meditation - you name it!

You stay in the Kenton family home with your own guest room. No worries about hotels.

You work one on one with Kenton, not in a class or a group.

The only other costs are your travel and food costs (or anything additional you may want to do in Phoenix.)

You will want to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor airport and then catch a car, or rent one, to drive to Kenton's home.

Kenton lives in Chandler, Arizona, USA


The Catch:

You must book on a weekend between May 31st and August 31st.

Some weekends are already booked up. 

Email us, and ask for your preferred weekends at  We will let you know what is available once we know your preferences.

We will get back to you as soon as possible about your preferred dates and availability.

Payment must be made in full for your special weekend to be reserved for you. It will be an open weekend for others to book for themselves until you do so.



It is important that you email us and book your reservation ASAP to get the best dates and weekends while they are open.

EMAIL US to be sure we can accommodate your preferred weekend.

We will send you more details about the exact address and other useful information, once your weekend is booked and confirmed with us.


Yes, it is hot in Phoenix in the summer. That's why we are making it easier for people to learn from Kenton while he has the time during the summer. Take advantage of this while you can, and bring a swimsuit!

EMAIL US today.


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