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Wonder Words Workbook Two

  • Workbook to go with Wonder Words Volumes Two and Three
  • You need Wonder Words Volumes Two and Three to make use of this workbook

NEW! Now a second Wonder Words Workbook to help you better apply what is in the second and third volumes of Wonder Words.

The first Wonder Words Workbook One helped you practice and apply what was in the Wonder Words audio program, Volume One.

This second Workbook helps you put into practical use portions from Wonder Words Volumes Two and Three!

Get new insights into:

  • The BUT Formula, and correct issues many others have had using this diabolical concept.
  • Learn how to change Causes and Effects around, how to make any false cause seem to be real, or how to imply an effect, even if it is not happening.
  • Practice the art of subtly linking things together so assumptions are easily believed.
  • Discover many underused principles in Wonder Words Volumes Two and Three and how to use them better than ever, as never before.
  • Work on the secret formula that causes thought implantation or immediate verbalization of what you desire.
  • and much more...

This new Workbook also includes Kenton's in-depth insights into Wonder Words and NLP, as well as the differences between so-called "framing" and "labeling".

If you are a Wonder Words fan, or are just now getting the Wonder Words audio downloads, this is a must have to help you better apply the tools and principles in Wonder Words Volumes Two and Three.

New and available only from us as an exclusive download.

Over forty pages.

IMPORTANT. The Workbooks do not replace the Wonder Words audio program. The Workbooks are NOT "Wonder Words the Book." You need to own the Wonder Words audio program to make use of these Workbooks.


  1. Wonder Words Workbook 2 (718 KB)

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