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Hidden Influence


Free Shipping Worldwide. Foreword by PETER TURNER

"Get this!" -- Fraser Parker

This is a limited edition hardbound book by Kenton Knepper on his legendary work in influence,performance mentalism, trance illusion and magic.

This book is for Mystery Performers, mentalists and magicians. It is not a book for beginners or non-mentalists.

If you know the name Kenton Knepper in mentalism and magic, then you know why you need this book.

Foreword by Peter Turner.

Learn real secrets of influence, psychological influence, eye gazes, influence of touch, sound, name reading, secret control, Kenton's Outs on Purpose principle, pulse stopping, enchanting arm and handshake influence, Fraser Parker's Strength of Imagination, Kenton's Indirect Connect, Kontrol, Peter Turner's never before released routine Burnt Memories and much more.

Over 350 pages

There are select fortunate people who save up money for Kenton's special live SILENT INFLUENCE training who are also allowed to get in. As we know some people cannot do that right away, this book has become the best introduction to real Secret Influence, and how to use it in reliable ways in magic and mentalism. Instead of spending many thousands for direct training by Kenton or findning out you could not get into Silent Influence training,, you can grab this book for less than $200 and start working with some of the powerful real influence techniques right now.



This a wonderful book, and definitely not for the close-minded or non-performer. This book talks about the art of enchanting your audiences and the people with whom you come into contact. Enchantment in this book means people feel close to you, a level of intimacy that they don't generally feel with strangers and you are not doing anything outwardly to make it so. This is a great book and if you're willing to use your imagination and play with the ideas, I am sure everyone will find something of value in this work of Kenton's. Definitely an advanced piece of work for the mystery or hypnotic entertainers, though any performer could benefit from some of the ideas in this book. The only annoying thing is there are no book pages, chapters, or index of contents. - Yuriy Disman

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