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  • Over $250 of download eBooks in one physical book
  • PLUS 3 Bonus Videos and 1 Audio Download
  • Over 20 Effects




This is the book Kenton has been promising us for years.

Pablo Amira finally got Kenton to make this physical hardbound book a reality.

Learn the powerful principles and theories that make the Kenton Knepper name so valuable to performers around the world.

This collection spells out in clear detail how to make meaningful art of magic and mentalism, how to deeply connect with others with your tricks, how to routine your show easily, how to quickly say memorable things without preaching or storytelling, how to be unique, how to stand out from the typical mentalist or magician, how to use suggestion in practical ways, how to influence people by stage directions, manage people easily when you perform, actively engage audiences, work with illusions and allusions, understand the importance of meaning bombs, how to force audiences to find their own meanings, and so much more.


The physical Kenton Principles hardbound book consists of the eBooks for Genuine Amazement, Anti-Tada, It's Suggestion, Mystery By Association, and Indirection which sell for over $200 as eBooks!

You get all of this material and more in this Kenton Principles hardbound physical book, for only $197 including free shipping worldwide.

Everyone knows Kenton's principle of Off By One and Dual Reality.

Until now few knew the secrets of Kenton's other principles, except his famous students and Las Vegas friends.

This is the book that will finally put the Kenton Principles in one place, ready to go to work for you too.


PLUS: While you wait for your physical book to arrive, you'll be able to instantly access three live lecture videos by Kenton including:

It's Suggestion Live Video Talk

Genuine Amazement Live Video Talk

Anti-Tada Live Video Talk

and even an audio version of the Anti-Tada talk to listen to wherever you go.


Finally in one place, the Kenton Trilogy of Genuine Amazement, It's Suggestion, and Anti-Tada, along with other important related writings, as they were meant to be studied.

This is a powerhouse of material that you'll find easy to use, while entirely blowing your mind in its performance-changing ability. Your act, your performance, your thinking about magic and mentalism, will never be the same again.

With 3 bonus videos and 1 audio file to learn from while you wait for your book to arrive at your door.


PLEASE NOTE: This book is very, very large. The first edition has page numbers that are cut off here and there. They had to try to squeeze all of this material into one book, and when compressing some parts, it made for a few pages where the white space at the top of the page is less, and page numbers are not always fully on the page. This is a clue to future collectors that this is the very first edition. This will be the collectible, rare, version. Pablo is working on trying to reformat the whole thing yet again to get page numbers clearer, but it will take time to get that out as a second edition.



  1. Anti-Tada Talk in Las Vegas 2012

  2. Genuine Amazement and Indirect Meaning Video

  3. It's Suggestion Video Talk by Kenton Knepper 2013, Las Vegas, McBride Magic and Meaning


  1. Anti-Tada Talk Audio Only (22.59 MB)

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    One of the most powerful books we have ever had in our hands.

    5 Stars

    This is one of the most powerful books we have ever had in our hands, and we have a big, big, library. We have been doing magic and mentalism for over 15 years now as Ramana Magic. I truly recommend this masterpiece. I would take this chance to get it now if I were you. This is total magic for real.

    - Ramana Magic, Amsterdam

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