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Modern Psychological Testing SOI Book Test

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Book tests should focus on the people, not on the words, or the book.


This isn't a book test.

It is amazing audience participation that is all about the audience, not the book.


It's an entire act in one book.

The act just happens to use a book, but it's not about the book. It's about the people.


It's a large, slim, 88 pages is all. It creates a whole act of telepathic hypnosis, influence, suggestion, and trance illusion, as well as mentalism. Enough material in this one book for two or three different presentations of the full act.

This physical book appears to be a modern version of a Roscharch test.

The audience sees a book with vivid full color images in it. Participants look at the same images, but start to apparently go into trances.

Participants close their eyes, say they are in hypnotized, feel like a simple word can no longer be read or spoken.

Soon participants start seeing double, they imagine that a photo of a bowling ally is a bowl of noodles, that a beautiful woman is melting in front of their eyes, that a handsome male model shaving starts to cut himself horribly, disfiguring himself and bleeding all over, and so on.

Do as much or as little of this as you please.

And THEN... the performer writes words on a whiteboard, so that only the audience can see.

The performer announces that the participants will do a new form of palm reading. Participants look at a photo in the book of a person's palm.

Participants make up funny things like to say like "dictionary" when asked what they are reading in the palm. Even more strange is that what the participants hallucinate is what the performer has written, that only the audience can see! It's telepathic hypnosis at its finest.

But we are still not done.

Participants look at some hypnotic circles. Suddenly, the participants begin to act out what the performer writes on the whiteboard, in strange and hilarious ways.

For instance, the performer might write "Falling rock - duck!" and one participant starts yelling, while another participant starts to quack like a duck!

This goes on and on, as much as you like. A mini-hypnosis or influence act can now be performed, without the need for hypnosis. You can even come up with your own things to have people do!

You can do this without any hypnosis or trance experience at all, or you can mix it into trance work you already do.


Still want a regular type book test?  In the end, a participant can turn to any page and focus on a word that describes the image on the page, and you can name it by mind reading.

Direct, clean, no pumping.

But this is no ordinary book test, so the word the participant thinks about can be shown to have been embedded subliminally on the cover of the book the whole time!


What is your audience doesn't speak English?

No problem! Most of the act relies on images, not words. With a few small exceptions (like the palm reading bit) you can use this test no matter what language you work in. Obviously picking a line of text at the end you won't want to do as that is in English, but the main parts can be performed in ANY language.


That's a lot of entertaining, reliable, commercial material to perform, and all of it is due to this one book.


This very special working mentalism book is a softbound physical book, 8 1/2  x 11 inch size, so the audience can easily see the great visuals in expensive full-color printing from a long distance away. The book is slim, at only 88 pages in length. It is based on Kenton's  Signs Of Influence artwork, which was originally difficult to understand how to use. Now this material is super-easy to do, with simple instructions, and a soon-to-come video demo and video explanation too!

The act is set-up for you to do just by going through the pages of the book. It's that simple. This is incredibly commercial and entertaining material, all ready to go to work for you.

All you need to add are some participants, and your own unique showmanship.


Includes a 45 page PDF instruction book, for general overview of how the book works, and detailed information on how to use it as a complete act too.


  1. SOI Book Test 1 Instructions (80.06 MB)

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Customer Reviews

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    One of the greatest underused tools in all of mentalism

    5 Stars

    SOI, to me, has been one of the greatest underused tools in all of mentalism. I have used it on stage, outdoors, and on TV.

    Using it in a book form creating an entire act is simply TOO GOOD to be true.

    And yet... again... you have done the impossible and created what will no doubt become a classic sought after in the field.


    - Ed Underwood

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