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Optical Salt Vanish

  • Unbelievably Fair Salt Vanish
  • Works Close-Up or on Stage
  • Nothing Added or Taken Away

Kenton's Optical Salt Vanish works on principles unlike any other salt vanish. The salt vanish is direct, with no moves, nothing strange or suspicious to make the audience doubt what is going on.

The audiences sees the salt in the shaker, the top of the shaker is removed, the audience sees the salt being poured out of the shaker, the shaker is clearly empty, and yet... the salt vanishes in the performer's hand.

Based on original principles by Kenton Knepper along with S.H. Sharpe, this method is a joy to perform, and a true stunner.

You get all the props you need to perform this effect. Right now, the salt can even turn into a small real crystal point, which we also supply. That happens with nothing added or taken away, no palming, no sleights.

Yes, it is close to a miracle but very down to earth and practical to do.

(In the video the sun may make it harder to see into the shaker, but in real performances the audience sees clearly that the salt shaker is empty. No mirrors or the usual nonsense at work here.)

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  1. Optical Salt Explained. USE PASSWORD: S971salt

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