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Silent Poets by Fraser Parker LIMITED EDITION Book

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SILENT POETS is the sixth limited book from Fraser detailing his unique approach to modern Mentalism.

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Silent Poets is the sixth limited book from Fraser detailing his unique approach to modern Mentalism.

In this book you will learn entirely new principles and ingenious breakthrough methods that utilize words and simple props such as playing cards to create impossible feats of seemingly real Mind Reading.

Included in this book is Fraser's impossible thought of card “Nokey”. The spectator shuffles the deck overhand face up, remembers the card shuffled to the face of the deck and then shuffles again whilst the performer is turned away, yet the performer can always successfully read the mind of the spectator to discover their thought of card.

Fraser floored everyone he showed this to at the Session convention 2020 leaving many knowledgable magicians and top card guys completely fooled with no idea how this could even be possible.

Here is what some of the magicians Fraser showed this to said about this effect:

“If you get my card now then I'm fu***d!” Ross Tayler

“Were you on d***s when you thought this up!?” Titanas

“This is a truly impossible card location of a thought of card … Fraser floored me with it”. Christian Grace, creator of Level One.

Fraser also teaches his work on binary.

Imagine being able to get the spectator to change back and forth between two colours in their mind and to then settle on one, yet you always know which colour they have chosen mentally. This is an entirely prop-less method.

Imagine performing the cleanest version of “equivoque” or “magician's choice” where the performer always goes along with the spectator's first choice, unless the participant wants to change their mind. This ingenious method allows you to get the spectator to adjust for you whenever you need for them to do so. Everyone is fooled.

Also included is Fraser's most up to date work on his “now show” principle that allows for the cleanest looking Mentalism to be performed within a close up context.

This technique is hidden beautifully with various whispers.

Imagine briefly whispering in a spectator's ear in order to teach them how to momentarily read the mind of another spectator. They look at each other and within a few seconds the first spectator can reveal the exact thoughts of the second spectator.

Also taught is a way to have a playing card freely selected out of a deck by someone in the group and then a second spectator uses their intuition to somehow know what card was selected by the other spectator. This is not the O force but uses an entirely new principle.  This can also be used to get a spectator to guess something specific such as a thought of animal, name, star sign, number etc.

This book also includes Fraser's entirely new method for performing the “Open Prediction” effect as cleanly as possible.

The performer makes a prediction of a specific playing card out in the open and a second spectator deals cards one at a time face up onto the table and stops dealing wherever feels right.

They deal the next card face down and then deal the rest of the cards face up to prove the predicted card has not yet appeared in the deck.

The card dealt face down is turned over and it matches the performer's prediction perfectly.

There is also a ridiculously clean looking ESP card match up and much more  included in this book.

What makes this work different to his previous work is how simplified in nature it is.

It really is a collection of some of Fraser's best work to date.



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