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Boxed and Banded

  • Works for magic and mentalism
  • Resets in seconds
  • Unlike anyone else's methods

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A Kenton Klassic now made ready to go, just for you.

This is genius Kenton. I won't leave home without it.

- Daryl Sprout

This is the legendary Kenton effect.

A signed bill (or ring or...?) is borrowed AFTER a small metal box is displayed and seen to be tightly sealed closed with rubber bands all around it.

In the blink of an eye, literally, the borrowed item vanishes. The performer's hands are entirely empty except for the sealed box.

The banded box is handed to the participant who opens it. BANDED INSIDE the previously sealed box in the very item that just vanished.

It happens in a flash.

No palming required.


Works As Mentalism Too

This is a fantastic way to do a prediction, stand-up. close-up, or on stage.

The box can be in a fluted glass for example, and in full view from the start. Then the box is removed from the glass and participants open the box to find their actions or thoughts predicted inside.

Another option is to simply reach into your pocket, removed the box, and toss it to someone to open. Mentalism takes a little more work, but if you do mentalism at all, you can do this.


You Get It All

You get the box and bands, ready to go, plus Kenton's video instructions to show you in detail the full ins and outs of using the box.


At A Price You Can't Ignore

It isn't often you can get Kenton material this easily. Grab it up at this great price while you can. The uses of it are truly endless.



Instructions are available in your account. 
FIRST go to and sign into your account. Your account is the same email you used to make the order. 
Be sure to sign into your account BEFORE you order.
AFTER you sign in, order,
Once you have ordered, go to the MEDIA tab. Look for the ITEM you purchased listed there. 

Click on the link to your item, and all your videos and instructions will be there!

You don't need to look for a Q code, or. go to a link or anything else. Your instructions will appear like magic in your account. Just follow the above instructions. It's quick and easy!



  1. How To Set Up The Box

  2. Box Step Two

  3. The Moves

  4. Review and Wrap Up

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  • So powerful...I used it to close my act!

    5 Stars

    I used this to close my act last night. It was a powerful close!

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