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Egyptian Mummified Mind Reading Lightning Bug

  • Unique and Limited
  • Amazing and Funny
  • Bonus Realistic Mentalism

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What Is IT and Will It Bite Me?

This is a Pre-release or presale item. These will be begin to be shipped on September 18. People who order first will be the first ones to have theirs shipped.

The "Egyptian Mummified Mind Reading Lightning Bug" is for close-up. It can be played as weird, but always with a sense of humor.

It can be used for any number of close-up routines,from finding a card, to the "bug" knowing which paper has a "dead name" written on it (it has a particular affinity for the dead), to being used for Yes/No type answers, etc.

Audiences love this because it is surprising, funny, kind of cute, yet still always mysterious.

It is a novel item which people remember.



The applications and uses for this are endless!

Hover the bug over playing cards to find the chosen one, or hold the bug over envelopes to find which one contains the borrowed bill.

Use the bug to find a unique coin in an envelope.

Hold the bug over people's heads to find out who is the birthday person at a table or party.

Use the bug to "psychically" answer Yes/No questions to reveal a playing card. IT does the mind reading...not you! (Pure Wonder Words ploy there.)

You will see endless possibilities. This is FUN.


But Seriously Folks...

Kenton was going to keep something else special for himself, or sell it separately later. It is a couple of very serious and potent mentalism bits that have nothing to do with the bug presentation.

These bits Kenton has used in various ways over the years to make it appear as if he was revving up real energy in his hands before doing mind reading, touch effects, or trance routines. They have become so believable that Kenton had to be careful where he used these effects, and in special situations. People took what he was doing as very serious.

Kenton decided to hide these two effects as bonuses when you buy the Egyptian Bug routine. He would have sold these alone easily for more than the cost of the bug routine to other performers who saw him do these mentalistic energy effects. But right now, they will be included when you get the Egyptian Bug effect. That is the only way you can get these secrets at all. No fake thumbs that light up like everyone and their child has as toys. This is what Kenton really uses. You'll see.


This is a HUGE BONUS for those of you who love to do realistic mentalism.

Of course Kenton is hoping most people will think it is a joke in the video, and not realize the power in it. Only those who get the set right here on this page will realize how truly powerful these two pieces of mentalism really are.


SO... You Get:

* Special gimmicks you need to do the Bug effect

* The little medicine bottle to keep your bug safe and isolated away from people whom it might bite

* TWO Mummified Lightning Bugs (If one bug actually does die, you could de-muumify it and sort through the bug guts to replace the battery, but that probably won't happen for most people, and this way you have a spare to use without doing through the remains!) Please do not share this with your friend. We are trusting you. We are trying to be extra good to you. Please don't make us regret that.

* The special BONUS secrets and "energy" effects

* Full video instructions with no hype, just down to earth "make it work" no bull insights.


What are you waiting for? Hasn't the bug already bitten you?


Sign into your account. It's what you used when you first ordered.
AFTER you sign in, go to the MEDIA tab and click on that.
You'll see a graphic for THE EGYPTIAN BUG. Click on that.

There you will see the videos!




  1. You Got the Bug

  2. Get to Know Your Bug

  3. Living and Dead Bug Post It

  4. Energy Heat and Light Secrets

  5. Ring Flash

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  • Once Again The Master Dose Not Disappoint !

    5 Stars

    Once Again The Master Dose Not Disappoint !

    Thank you Kenton...

    Your Illuminated Lighting Bug For Mind Reading & Other Magical Bit's Of Magic Is wonderful as well as easy ! Surely to delight any audience.

    Michael S

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