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Find My Heart

  • Perfect Valentine's Day or Date Mentalism
  • Very Portable and Visual
  • The Perfect Lead-In
  • Really Connect with an Audience

A perfect effect for Valentine's Day, relatiionship, date, or to make a deeper connection with an audience.

Four bags and one larger bag are shown.

The participant mixes up the four smaller bags.

The performer asks how well the participant knows them. "I'd like to connect with you a little more...magically."

The participant opens up a bag to find a pendulum with a stone heart on it. They are to use this pendulum to go over the remaining bags and eliminate two more.

When there is only one bag left, the participant opens the bag to find another stone pendulum. But it does not match her pendulum.

"Remember I asked you how well you knew me? It seems you have found my heart."

The participant dumps a pendulum out of the larger bag set aside, and the pendulum in it matches in color and stone the pendulum chosen in the last bag by the participant.

This is an oh-so-very-fair choice, and it seems impossible that the performer could have done anything. This is an ingenious use of Kenton's "Cardinal Choice" principle.

The bags can be examined.


Heart of the Matter

You can work readings into the choices by the participant, as each heart pendulum is an actual stone with meaning.

The stones are real stones, not colored glass or plastic fake stones.

You may put your stone pendulum around your neck as a necklace, pull it out of your pocket, or let it hang out of your inner pant or jacket pocket for the surprise reveal.

Connect with people, make a date, deepen a relationship, with a little bit of magical mentalism.




  1. FH Basics

  2. Exposed Principle and Readings Intro

  3. Basic Revelation

  4. Basic Principles in Quick Review

  5. FH Gem Readings

  6. Jeans Reveal

  7. Neckalce Reveal

  8. Suit Pocket and Final Comments

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Customer Reviews

  • Enchanting ~ Truly A Integral Heart Connecting Gem

    5 Stars

    Enchanting ~ Truly A Integral Heart Connecting Gem Heart Stone Reading. !!!
    A Beautiful Personal Utilizing Of The Pendulum For The Public Assistant Or Client !
    Wonderful Quality Props
    Thank You Again Kenton For Sharing Such A Original & Practical Effect Of Magic & Mentalism Which You Are Truly Known For!
    Michael (Mystae) Sherbert

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