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Key to My Heart

  • Great Valentine's Day or Date Mentalism
  • Connect with Someone or an Audience Deeply

A red ring sized jewelry box is shown, along with four bags.



"Some people live charmed lives. I think you are one of them. Use your feelings, and pick up two bags that feel different to you somehow. You may not know why, but you'll feel two are just different from the others. Good. Let's see what you have there. You have a heart charm, and a smaller sun charm. This tells me that you have a great warmth in your heart. The trick is to find a way to unlock that warmth within you properly."

The participant is then told, "I am hoping you will use your feelings to unlock my heart...that you might find the key to my heart. Pick up one of the two bags that remain. Okay, let's look at the one bag you did not choose. It has a moon charm inside. This is a symbol of many things, including your ability to follow subconscious intuition. Let's see if you really did that."

The participant opens the bag she holds. Inside it is a small key.

"Remember I was hoping you might find the key to my heart? You might not believe me, but open up that little jewelry box over there. Yes, inside it is a heart - a symbol of my heart. And you will also notice that it is a lock too. The heart is locked. But you have a key. See if it opens my heart."

The key is turned in the heart lock, and the lock opens.

"I had a feeling you might find the key to my heart."

This is a beautiful moment that casts a real spell on people.


Another Presentation

A different presentation is that the participant chooses a bag with the heart charm in it.

"I told you that I felt you lived a charmed life. Here we find examples of your abilities in the form of charms. You have the intellect to unlock problems, you have the moon as an intuitive guide, you have the warmth of radiance in your smile, but in the end it all comes down to what you chose to keep...your heart. You are rare. Most people give away their heart casually. But you wait to find a real connection. I do too. I keep what is valuable to me in my little jewelry box over here. Let's see how connected we really are."

The box is opened to find that the participant has chosen the same charm as your heart in your jewelry box.

These are the two main presentations. This routine works off of Kenton's "Cardinal Choice" and was first mentioned in a little manuscript entitled "Miracles of Suggestion." Now we are providing the actual items that make that routine work, along with the bags, ring box, and more detailed video instructions. This principle, when understood, will lead you to a lifetime of ideas and routines.



  1. Main Effect and Method

  2. Method in Detall

  3. Presentation for Key Chosen

  4. Meaning as Method

  5. Extra Mark Secrets

  6. Conclusion

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