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Sock It Away with Bottled Desires

  • Two Great Effects in One Package
  • Holiday and Non-holiday Props
  • Unusual Principles and Knockout Effects

Pure Kenton Knepper psychology, crazy innovation, and killer routines too.

SOCK IT AWAY is a new take on a classic. A borrowed bill (or a prediction, for you mentalists) or a ring, coin, or such is found inside a bag that contains a rubber band ball, that contains a rolled up and sealed pair of socks (Christmas or wild looking socks - you get both)!

This is an effect Kenton has been doing for a very, very long time, and is finally tipping it just as he does it, complete with everything you need. There is no need to hide an extra gimmick, a slide, tube, or any of that sort of nonsense. This is Kenton's work, so you know it is more sneaky than what everyone else does.

BOTTLED DESIRES is a bonus effect, with all the props included for it too. A bad is shown and hung on a microphone stand, or placed in the open on a table. A standard "Confabulation" type routine can be performed, ask for a person's deep desire that they are willing to share, or ask for a place they would like to travel. Kenton often asks for their favorite color, to get to know them, and then asks for a place they really would love to travel.

The participant themselves come up, reach inside the bag. They pull out a small bottle that has been sealed and sticking out of the top of the bag from the start. When they pull the bottle out of the bag, they find a piece of paper sealed inside the bottle. They undo all the tape, and then the cork, from the top of the bottle. They still cannot get the paper out of the bottle! The performer hands them a long set of tweezers. The use the tweezers to pull the paper out of the bottle themselves. When THEY open the paper, they find that it has written inside it exactly what they said they desired most. Powerful mentalism and symbolism too. Just watch the video to see how ingenious the script is for this effect. Watching this alone is pure GOLD



You get BOTH of these effects, complete with EVERYTHING you need (you know Kenton!) and all the videos to break out even more options and possibilities. PRICE IS LIKELY TO GO UP. Fair notice.

These can be played very sincerely, seriously, or with great comedy.

You get TWO PAIRS  of SOCKS too with this effect. You get the socks for the Christmas holiday season, and socks that are bright and crazy to use any time.

Just know that Kenton is not likely to keep this offer up for long. So get it while you can in these limited Christmas sock special.



  1. Just for YOU

  2. The Roll Up

  3. In The Bag

  4. Bottle Setup

  5. Bottle Double Writng Basics

  6. Bottle Loading

  7. Bottle and Sock Wrap Up

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