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Spoon Smooshing

  • Perfect for dinner, bar, or metal bending routine
  • Complete with everything you need
  • Spoon can be examined before and after
  • Limited availability

Order now to reserve yours during the holidays.

We will begin making and then shipping these again after January 3rd.

You need to reserve yours to be sure to get one sent out to you in January.


Why do what everyone does?

We know how important it is for you to stand out as unique and special from the typical mentalist or magician. Kenton has made a name by doing things no one else before him could do.

Now you can do one of the most strange and memorable bits of metal bending ever seen.

Do this on stage, stand up, online, or close-up in person.

People FREAK when you turn a spoon into putty and then instantly make it solid again. 

Your hands are seen empty. The spoon can be examined before and after. 

You get everything you need to do this, even a heavy duty spoon. You can borrow a spoon or use one at the dinner table instead. A special gimmick does most of the work for you.

Kenton uses this in his legendary metal bending act. Now you do it too.

This is not difficult to do, but it sure looks impossible to audiences. They laugh, scream, yell and point to the spoon as it melts. When it SUDDENLY goes back to normal, they scream and laugh again. Then they lose it when you give them the spoon to check out.

It’s good to do things only legends do. Get it while you can.




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