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Witch Hand

  • A No Fail Which Hand Effect
  • Perfect for Halloween, Bizarre Magic, or Anytime
  • Very Limited Numbers Available
LIMITED SUPPLIES. We found two more - while they last!
"Witch Hand" is essentially a "Guess Which Hand It's In" plot but with a spell being cast on the participant. 
As long as the spell is cast, the participant can always correctly guess which of the performer's hand has a silver pentagram in it.
Test conditions and challenges continue to mount, but while under the spell, the participant always knows. They don't know how they know either...but they know, somehow.
That is, they always know until the spell is broken - in which case they are no longer able to correctly guess. They will continue to miss and guess incorrectly each time once the spell is broken.
There is a final surprise moment with a message too, if you so wish. For Kenton, this is often his favorite moment.
Yes, props will be included, and yes, this will be very limited.
This is a piece directly from Kenton's real world experience. No fluff, no nonsense. It's not built solely to fool magicians and sell them something. This is a PRACTICAL method that Kenton relies upon. It has thrown off mentalists and magicians. Some have stumbled upon a part of it, but Kenton has never showed the full thing before. This is a real worker! Easy to do, reliable, so you can focus on presentation.

More Details Please?

A few more details about "Which Hand" since so many are interested:
The performer has both an iron and a silver pentacle. The performer puts a spell on a participant. From then on, the participant always knows where the silver pentacle is.
Eventually the iron pentacle is put away, and the participant tries to guess some more. Each time, they always know which hand holds the silver pentacle.
Finally, the performer removes the spell. Now the participant finds it impossible to guess correctly which hand has the silver pentacle. You can stop at that point, having put the participant back to "normal."
There is a moment at the end in which you can make a statement about religious persecution or prejudice too - but only if you wish to do that. It is not required.
You will be supplied with all the special little pentacles and gaffs required.

BONUS: The Witch's Pendulum

When you order right now you will also get a second very special Kenton Knepper effect.

A red bag is seen to be tied around a metal chain. The chain is handed to a participant to use as a "Witches pendulum."

The perform explains that most people go for the obvious things in life, and find themselves cursed. But using the pendulum a person might use their intuition and receive a sign that they are blessed.

Four different pentacles are shown, and the participant touches two of them with the pendulum. The participant is asked if they want these two items as potential choices, or to set them aside. Read that again. It turns out that what the participant does is right, the performer claims, as the other choice would have left them cursed wallowing in the mundane.

Of the two pentagrams that remain as chosen ones, the participant must pick up only one...and set it aside with the others. Now there is one remaining pentacle. Let's say it is the gold one (it could be different).

The performer claims the person is surely blessed. The bag on the pendulum is opened to show that it is indeed the GOLD pentacle locked onto the chain inside the bag they have been holding the entire time. The bag may be examined. There is no other pentacle to be found, of course.

No sleight of hand is required.


Kenton has severely fooled magicians and mentalists over the years with the special principle used in this effect. Performers think Kenton is just "extremely lucky" with "equivoque". It turns out, Kenton has something special that makes it all work perfectly, every time.

Kenton easily can sell this for the price of the set alone, and many people have offered him much more to learn his secret. As you know by now, Kenton tends to "over-give" so he has insisted on putting this effect in with "Witch Hand" for those who order right now.

TWO sizes are provided: 0.63 x 0.79 inch and about 1 inch in diameter. Easy to carry in any pocket or pouch, but visible to all (as long as you don't do this in the dark where they cannot tell if something is silver or gold of course.)

Naturally these are not real silver and gold pieces at this price. But don't tell your audience that...They'll never know.


All props are supplied for both effects.

You will really only grasp just HOW cool this in when you get it. No words will do the subtle psychology and reliable practicality justice.



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  1. Witch Hand Video 1: Unboxing your props

  2. WH Video 2 First Routine

  3. WH Video 3: The Work

  4. WH Video 4: Second Effect Demonstration

  5. WH Video 5: Explanation of the Second Effect and Method

  6. WH Video 6: Psychology

  7. Review: The Simple Method to Effect 1

  8. Review: The Simple Method to Effect 2

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