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Coal to Diamond EXTREME - Full Set

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  • It has been a decade since you could get these
  • New phases and huge upgrade to the original popular Kenton effect
  • Only 50 FULL SETS will be sold

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What if you get a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas?

What if you get a lump of coal in life? Could you transform it into something beautiful?

Now you can do something about that!

Ten years ago Kenton stopped producing this effect. Over the last decade he expanded it to the nth degree.

Imagine the gasps you'll hear as a humble lump of coal metamorphoses into a gleaming diamond right before the eyes of spectators. But the magic doesn't end there; it amplifies. With each phase, the astonishment grows, culminating in a finale that will have your audience questioning reality – a finale where a tiny gem magnifies into a mammoth diamond of unbelievable proportions.

For ten years, the magic community has been clamoring for the return of this legendary Kenton effect. In response, Kenton has meticulously refined and enhanced every detail, elevating "Coal to Diamond" from a mere magic trick to an artistic performance piece.

Audiences love it.

It's a huge hit for close-up, but large enough to be seen on platforms and smaller stages too.

Elevate your performance repertoire with the unrivaled versatility of Kenton Knepper's "Coal to Diamond" effect. This isn't just another magic trick; it's a powerful narrative device that adapts fluidly to your personal style and scripting needs. Whether your performance tells a tale of transformation, hope, growth, or the sheer wonder of magic, the new "Coal to Diamond" seamlessly aligns with the story you want to tell.

Crafted for the magician who appreciates adaptability in their art, this effect transcends traditional magic boundaries. It's designed to be as flexible as it is astonishing, allowing you to weave it into any theme or message. Do you speak of life's challenges turned to triumphs? The coal becomes a symbol of beginnings, and the diamond, a stunning endpoint. Is your style more comedic or whimsical? The surprising transformations will supply laughter and delight, with a side of awe.

Just watch the effect, and see for yourself why people are so in love with it when they see it in person:



This isn't just an effect; it's Kenton's legacy encapsulated in a multi-layered illusion that promises standing ovations and booked calendars. The comprehensive package includes all the specially designed gimmicks, the coal, the rock, the "diamonds," and even a giant 1-pound "diamond" – all crafted to Kenton's exacting standards. As an added touch, you'll receive 40 small diamonds to gift to those special audience members, ensuring they carry a piece of the magic home.

Now, there is a catch.

There will be only 50 sets of these sold.

To say these are rare is an understatement. Each one is a work of art made by the Master himself. No two pieces are the same. Kenton himself makes by hand each and every Coal to Diamond himself. It is a painstaking process with no less than 11 steps to each one. That means Kenton himself has put his time, intense focus, and energy into every Coal to Diamond gimmick.

The Upgrades

The original Coal to Diamond by Kenton was very popular, but Kenton didn't want to have to keep making them. Each year we received requests asking for these sets. People had to find them at estate sales. But the original version was simply a lump of coal turned into a diamond. One change. Nothing else. That was enough, due to the clean method, to make it a huge hit with audiences and magicians.

Kenton has poured years into developing a seamless, logical routine, so you don't have to. With detailed online instruction, he'll guide you through each step, making the complex simple and the impossible possible. Whether you're performing up close, on a platform, or a smaller stage, this set is engineered for visibility and impact. NOW this greatly enhanced version adds more punches, more effects, and a huge finish too.

FIRST the Coal turns into a much LARGER piece of ROCK.

This is a BIG surprise to audiences. This new addition makes a world of difference. Audiences think the effect is over, but it is really just starting.

NEXT, the really large rock turns into a diamond (it's not real, but it looks great)! The hands are seen empty.

THEN more and more diamonds are produced. This could go on FOREVER, but it's better to keep them amazed and laughing, not bored, you know.

FINALLY just when the audience can't believe this could keep going on, a closer look reveal the little diamond has turned into a GIANT diamond that is HUGE and HEAVY! (It's actually 1 pound all by itself!)

The hands are seen completely empty except for this giant diamond in the end.

The effect as described is multi-phased:
1. The coal transforms into a larger piece of rock, surprising the audience entirely.
2. The large rock subsequently changes into a diamond.
3. More and more diamonds are produced.

4. Ending with a giant diamond that barely fits into a hand.


How Hard Is It To Do?
The first part of the act is self-contained. It is very easy to do. It will take just a wee bit of practice, but it's all very direct, self-contained, and simple.

The second phase takes a little more practice, but many of you will already be familiar with the simple move required. Just a little more practice is needed.

The last part takes the most practice but it's more so you'll be comfortable doing it, not because it is difficult. It will take you some practice, but just so you can do it without thinking about it.

Kenton has put in the years and work so that you don't have to. Every action has a motivation and a sensible reason. The psychology is ingenious, as are Kenton's special props.

This set includes:
• Special gimmicks
• Coal
• Rock
• "Diamond"
• A giant 1-pound "diamond"
• 40 small diamonds to give away
• Other necessary items to perform the routine
• Deluxe online video instruction


Discover the pinnacle of magical transformation with Kenton Knepper's exclusive "Coal to Diamond" effect – a meticulously crafted masterpiece, designed to astonish and leave audiences in sheer amazement. This isn't just a trick; it's an experience, an emotional journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary, each unit is hand-made by the maestro of mentalism and magic himself, Kenton Knepper.

This product is tailored for performers looking to add a unique and memorable routine to their act, and with only 50 sets available, it's positioned as a rare collector's item.

Act now – once these sets disappear, the chance to own this magical legacy vanishes with them. Your journey from coal to diamond awaits.

This is priced at $197.00.




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  1. Video 1 What's Inside?

  2. Video 2 The Coal

  3. Video 3 The Moves

  4. Video 4 There Are MORE

  5. Video 5 Large As Life

  6. Video 6 More Than Advertised

  7. Video 7 Still More Than They Know

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