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Energy Compass

  • Start and End Clean
  • Each piece may be examined
  • No threads, magnets, or anything to wear

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Realistic Mentalism for Everyone

In the old days of testing psychics and metal benders, a compass would be placed on the table to try and test for energy blasts. Some supposed psychics claimed to be able to move a compass needle by their own energy.

Skeptics soon found many fakers using magnets.


But what if you could do that without magnets? What if you could raise, measure, and direct your energy without anything but a compass that anyone could examine?

That would be doing it for real, right? So it would seem.



If you do bizarre, weird, spooky, or haunted magic, you can create a whole story and act about ghost hunting, including a spoon from the haunted place or person, and using the compass to measure any real spook energy.


Kenton's amazing secrets have been kept close for a long time. While Kenton spoke of some of this, rarely was it truly taught before.


For the first time ever we are giving you Kenton's complete Energy Compass with all the nuances, effects, and insider secrets. You won't believe it even after you get it. You may even fool yourself.


You'll also learn a couple of Kenton's pet bits with spoon bending. But don't let anyone else know that.


You get the perfect compass that shows up clearly, and is lightweight to carry, while still looking classy. It can be examined scientifically. They won't find a thing.

You also get a special spoon for the related bonus work that goes along with the compass. No, you do not have to use the spoon at all. But once you get it, you might want to use it! It too may be examined and found to be normal.

There is nothing else for the audience to find. You begin and end completely clean.


While these are great effects, they seem SO real you won't want to perform them with a "Ta-Da!" attitude.  Take a pose as a real mentalist for a moment, and let the audience soak in the Mystery.

Add this to KENTON'S KEYS and you could start a real following.

Complete with everything you need .


This is an entire video course on energy and compass effects, along with all the props needed.



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  1. Compass Introduction

  2. Compass and Spoon

  3. Kenton Compass

  4. Is It Real?

  5. Body Influence of Compass

  6. Showing It Around

  7. Extra Tidbits

  8. The Energy Bend

  9. One More Bonus

Tags act, new tricks, haunted, limited, suggestion, rare, bending, psychology, Mentalism
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Customer Reviews

  • Infinte uses and possibilities.

    5 Stars

    One of those little wonders that can be used or performed in any performance situation.
    It is like a pendulum & energy effect, There are infinite uses & possibilities.
    I Love Kenton's Wonder's & Magical Creations!
    Michael S.

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