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Kolossal Keys

  • Unlike any other bending effect
  • No switching or hard sleights
  • Easy to learn and do
  • You'll have an endless supply


Kenton was one of the early performers doing metal bending in the 1970s. However, few know Kenton's  methods, as he does not perform them or tip them to other mentalists or magicians.

This is a Kenton favorite. It looks like a "test conditions" situation.

EFFECT: Two keys are shown. Each key is tested to be sure it is flat and unbent. One key is needed as a "control" to measure against the other. A participant chooses a key, and this control key is set aside.

"You liked that one as the control, so we will keep it safe. You didn't like this one, which means you have little resistance to what I do to it."

The performer talks about how we have to let our negative emotions go, or they get projected onto other people and things.

The key soon takes on the brunt of the performer's negative thoughts and emotions. It begins to be burned up, beat up, and ultimately ruined.

The control key, that was set aside, is of course fine.

This is a powerful allusion and metaphor for our anger, thoughts, feelings, and projections onto life.

Of course, you can ignore all of that, and just make it into a very wild key bending, key ruining, effect!

Watch for yourself here:



You'll never need to buy more replacements unless you give the obliterated keys away.

You do NOT have to have the keys be burned or ruined. You can use Kenton's unique approach to do the cleanest straight key bending you have ever seen too.

Limited number of sets available. Get them while you can.

It is rare indeed for Kenton to release any part of his longstanding metal bending secrets. He doesn't tell other magicians or mentalists, or give his closely held secrets to others to be put into books.

Here is your chance to get a killer effect you can do anytime, anywhere, that looks like real metal bending and a whole lot more, complete with the props you need, from the Master himself.

You won't find this at any typical magic dealer. It's Kenton's and it is exclusively here.

You will be thrilled at this ingenious method and secret gimmicks.

While supplies last.


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