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The Las Vegas Card Trick

  • The perfect trick to explain why you are a magician and not making money from being a card cheat.
  • The perfect trick to explain why you are a mentalist, but cannot make money from gambling in Vegas.
  • A really NEW plot and surprise ending that literally no one sees coming.
  • Very entertaining, with no real sleight of hand required. Do it right out of the box.

Not every trick needs to end in "Ta-Da!" Some tricks just end in a shocked UH.....


IMPORTANT: The trick of Kenton's almost NO ONE knows about, not even most of his friends. Unfortunately some have guessed about it, but they missed the real secrets. The original Kenton climax apparently has been independently arrived at and dealt with in a slightly different way by someone else. However, the original Kenton working has not been discovered or marketed. We CAN say that Kenton and his friends at Alakazam Magic in the UK arrived at this principle independently. Alakazam had a previous trick out called "Dual Match" that uses the same principle Kenton came up with for his Vegas effect. These were not riffs on the works of one another, but independent and all parties involved are in agreement and attest to these facts.


NO rough smooth or sticky cards of any kind. No dealing.

The lucky few who know about this effect love it, but haven't been able to do it...until now.

You know how people say, "If you are so good at cards, why are you a magician? Shouldn't you be rich playing cards in Vegas?"


"If you are so psychic, why can't you just go to Vegas and win a lot of money?"

Well this trick answers that, in a quick and highly visual way.


EFFECT: The performer claims they have been kicked out of casinos using their skills and powers.

A deck is shown that has been created out of all the casinos the performer has been kicked out of for suspected cheating.

This deck is a crazy looking deck, with different faces but also with different backs from all sorts of casinos.

A participant chooses one face up card, and a second person chooses a face down casino back.

"Putting your thoughts and choices together, this makes ONE card, with your back and your face."

The performer reminds the audience that there has been an enevelope with money from the latest win on the table from the start.

"I always KNOW. But if I happen to be wrong, you get all that is in the envelope that I took home from the cage the last night I ever played."

The envelope is opened by the participants and...

Well you think you know the ending, but everyone is in for a big surprise finale that no one sees coming.





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  3. The Basics

  4. Scirpt Presentation

  5. The Real Secrets

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Customer Reviews

  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Very clever...powerful ending.

    5 Stars

    A very clever effect indeed! It also address the question as to why you as a mind reader are not spending all your time in Vegas. The ending is powerful without having to say, "Ta-da."

    Gregory Dwyer

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  • 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful

    A perfect and surprising prediction.

    5 Stars

    A perfect prediction, every time! I love the directness and fairness of this effect! Kenton has given us a wonderful gift to the magical community, a "card trick" that works as an amazing Mentalism piece, a fun comedy of errors or the best demonstration of your card shark skills!

    You get everything in you need to perform this, just add a personality.

    I have no doubt this will go directly into pro´s sets. Also a great "impromptu" effect to have around the house to show people in a casual performance.


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