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Act of Connection - Richard Tenace (Download)

  • A full act from a working professional.
  • Do realistic mentalism and deeply connect with your audience.
  • Now with the full readings system you need to make it all complete.


The complete Richard Tenace act revealed.

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Kenton himself says:

"The price of Act of Connection is $99.95 That's a gift. This is someone's current working act, their full act, they still use to make a living. Unless you charge less than $100 a show (God forbid!) this will pay you back many times over quickly. It may be used in whole or in part. This is a very COMMERCIAL and truly ENTERTAINING act, that connects with the audience on very deep levels, by incorporating various types of readings into strong mentalism. It really is a must have for anyone that studies my work and wants a simple, easy to do, very strong and marketable act. Did I mention that this is just flat out ENTERTAINING to audiences? Truly a commercial act that audiences and bookers love!" - Kenton Knepper

It isn't often that the very act that is making someone a living is also given to competitors and peers while it is still being used by the originator.

Many people claim to sell material "from my working act" but usually this is all hype, backed up with a few shoddy photos or video clips online.

This is different. Here is the very act acclaimed mentalist and Kenton Student Richard Tenace is using to this day to make a living for himself. No hype. No bull. The very methods and material Mr. Tenace is performing as his main work right now.

What is in this Act of Connection?

ACT OF CONNECTION is more than a highly commercial complete act of performance. This act, as the name suggests, gets the audience to truly connect to the performer. The mentalist touches people deeply, connects with participants intimately, yet without being heavy-handed or preachy. This act is highly entertaining, humorous, yet mysterious, realistic, and completely memorable. With this act you will CONNECT with your audience in memorable and personal ways, so that they will always remember YOU.

Act of Connection is a full act, to be used in full, or in part. Each part can be a feature in nearly anyone's current act, or you may perform the entire full act as your own when you purchase this eBook here.

* Blindfolded Energy Tarot Readings can be presented as a complete attraction on its own, as well as in the full act. While blindfolded a spectator freely chooses tarot cards. The mentalist, looking away and blindfolded, jots down impressions, gives a tarot reading of the person, names a few of the tarot cards, and ultimately shows that what has been written as impressions on his pad of paper are sketches of the cards, symbols, meanings and even the exact spectator (chosen only after the mentalist is blindfolded).

* World's Greatest Psychic What happens if you do mentalism and there are kids in the audience? How about a highly energetic, visual routine, that is hilarious, plays large on stage, gets the kids all wound up, and blows away the audience? Yes, and it is so easy to do too, once you know. May even be worked as a mentalism piece in regular kid shows. The best mentalists are always prepared to connect with everyone in the audience!

* Two Person Doodle Readings in which you reveal details about two spectators, and even reveal the cards they selected by the shapes of their doodles and aspects of their readings.

* Making Sense of the Senses An incredibly commercial routine showing audience members the difference between using the five senses and real mind reading. Freely chosen cards are revealed in humorous ways, with four or five participants on stage. Then the on stage participants read the mind of someone in the audience, proving they had predicted correctly what the audience member would do too. This plays huge, and takes only a deck of cards and a few envelopes with papers inside as predictions. Perfect for card performers who want to look like mentalists, and mentalists who want to play big, pack small, and be ENTERTAINING as well as blowing away everyone in the audience.

* Tarot Reading Act is a combination of mind reading, tarot readings and motivational/transformational experience. People who come up to help on stage not only get a reading, but leave with their thoughts and deeper personal imagery transformed. This is much more than a routine. It literally changes things for the people who are involved in the performance. This is a transformative experience for the people on stage and the audience as well.

* Musical Bowl Readings allows you to do design duplications, and character readings, without pre-show, billet switches, sleight of hand, secret assistants or preparation. Billets are collected untouched in a Tibetan Singing Bowl and energized. The vibrations allow the mentalist to begin readings and reveals information instantly, without guessing, or ever being wrong. SUREFIRE and can be done impromptu.

* SEVEN complete routines or acts that make up the whole show revealed entirely in this one eBook.

This is the REAL WORK from a working mentalist's current WORKING ACT. No theories, no nonsense. Cut straight to the real material, inside practical work, and perform it all yourself.

This is a rare opportunity, and many who know of this work have offered more than the price of this eBook for the rights to do any one of these routines. Now you can have it ALL, including the right to perform this ENTIRE ACT AS YOUR OWN when you purchase ACT OF CONNECTION here.

This INCLUDES a description of Kenton's Original Duct Tape Blindfold.

IMPORTANT:To protect the integrity of this working act and release, you will be emailed your password personally. You cannot open this file until you receive your password. Order and download now, and your password will be sent to you ASAP, within 24 hours.


Jheff and Review of ACT OF CONNECTION ($99.95):

It's not often that a working pro, and a talented one at that, shares his current working act. This can be seen both positively or negatively and I certainly don't want to debate that issue. I'd rather focus on the merits of what you get with this package so that you can make a purchasing decision.

This is a 73 page downloadable PDF, complete with color pictures, that, as said already, detail Richard Tenace's current show (as of Feb. 2013). Most of it is original, though some of it belongs to Kenton Knepper (with his permission, of course).

It's a solid, well-constructed act that uses playing cards, tarot cards, doodles, and blindfolds. The blurb details the routines in the act (though not necessarily in the order the routines appear in the act).

The only consideration with this is knowing the act uses a good deal of readings, which may not fit the style of some performers. It is not explained how to do readings in this manuscript. Tenace has already published some fine work on readings, such as THE SHERLOCK HOLMES READING APPROACH. If you don't have that, and are interested in Tenace's act, I'd highly recommend buying both. (Lucky you, WonderWizards now supplies that with your purchase as part of their new package!)

Of course, I don't encourage you to perform this entire act as written as this was tailored to its creator. But one can certainly learn what a working professional uses in this act, which is always invaluable, and one can certainly take elements or specific routines and mold them to fit one's own persona.

For that, I found this a quite engaging study and worth of my time.

Definitely recommended if the blurb and my comments have piqued your interest.


  1. actofconnect.pdf (11.67 MB)

  2. Sherlock Approach to Readings and Shells of the Seer (766 KB)

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  5. RTticsheet (93 KB)

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