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Act of Imagination by Enrique Enriquez and Kenton


"This Material Is So Fantastic - I Bought The Rights To It!"

Only once before have I paid to write and publish someone else's ideas. The first time was some unknown performer at the time named "Luke Jermay" and the book was the now-classic "7 Deceptions".

This is only the second time I bought the rights to the material of someone else. That ought to tell you a great deal.

- Kenton Knepper

This is the inside, practical, real work of "Kentonism" and "Telepathy In Action" taken to new heights and performed with greater ease and comfort than ever before. If you like "Kentonism" or "Telepathy In Action", this is a MUST HAVE book.

What IS the "Act of Imagination"?

*Do a full hypnosis type act without any hypnosis, stooges, trick props, or set-up.

*People may think they have become furniture, see themselves without pants - any number of wild seemingly "hypnotic demonstrations" are performed without paid helpers or real hypnosis.

*This is the full act just as Enrique Enriquez has performed it around the world, in theatres, living rooms, art museums and television. You get all the details of the act Enrique is performing to this day to gather fame and honor worldwide.

Psst! It's EASY. But it will take practice.

*PLUS Enrique also tips for the first time his classic blindfold portrait effect with all the touches and details only he alone can tell. Draw accurate portraits of unseen people, even if you are not an artist!

*AND Kenton tips his special duct tape blindfold designed for Enrique's act as well. Your head is down, eyes to the floor the entire time, duct tape all over your eyes and nose. No nose peek, no seeing through the blindfold either. REALLY. Of course there's a secret - and Kenton finally reveals it here for the first time here. Many have raved about this gem.

We know that once people read this work, the buzz will be all over the place, just as it was with 7 Deceptions. This book will change how we do Kentonism, TIA and hypnosis on stage forever.

It isn't easy to impress Kenton, and nearly impossible to get him to buy the rights to anyone else's work. Learn why Kenton spent a great deal of time and money to get this material into print. If he believes this much in the material, you can imagine how thrilled you are going to be!

Enrique Enriquez is a student of Kenton Knepper and has performed the world over with the material in this book. Now it can be yours, at a very fair price indeed. It is $40.00 plus shipping and handling in hard copy. NOW AS A DOWNLOAD it's an even better deal!


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