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Secrets of INDIRECTION (English)


"Kenton, your Indirection concept is incredible, underused and necessary for any performer. Huge and infinite applications."

- Pablo Amira

"This is the principle behind nearly all of my work... as important as Wonder Words or suggestion, indirection is perhaps a bottom line to most of what I accomplish. It is a concept on which I most wholeheartedly rely" - Kenton Knepper

As those who have attended some of Kenton's more exclusive and expensive workshops know, "Indirection" is a key principle in Kenton's work. Far more important than "mis-direction", indirection is a subtle way to cause the audience to accept things as true without conscious criticism. 

This manuscript details new effects and techniques based upon this powerful principle. From making "standards" truly remarkable (such as the Linking Rings, Egg Bag and even the Lota Bowl) to new works such as Kenton's "Indirection Bowl" direct from the opening of his act and Bowl lectures, or "Drawing Duplication" from television and the secret principle in the video below (read "Indirection and The Dupe-Lication" in the book for that), to Kenton's "Silent Bells" aka "Jingle Balls", to one of Kenton's compass moving methods, and more great ideas are examined in detail. Obviously this work contains pieces we have sold separately - the material when properly understood is that strong. Read this work carefully! There is much hidden from a casual perusal.

It's hard to get a room full of magicians to applaud a Lota Bowl or hardcore mentalists to be fooled by the use of a stooge. But "Secrets of Indirection" reveals how to do all of this and more. Once you grasp the principle, you'll apply it to nearly everything you do.

Kenton's use of making a compass move while attempting metal bending is in here too. This is not the same thing as "Kenton's Kompass". You'll find Kenton also tips for the first time his "Famous Bottle Vanish" used in clubs, banquets and on full stage. This alone is worth the price of this manuscript to any performer - and it is easy to do. Many more effects are detailed.

This manuscript will change how you look at everything you do in performance. The simple concept of "indirection" will radically alter our magical and mental arts - if we but think and apply this remarkable tool.

The majority of effects described are magical in nature, though some mentalism is of course included. Magic examples make for the easiest and quickest way to grasp the indirection concept, that you may then apply to mentalism and everything else you do. While effects may be magic oriented, this will not dissuade the thinking mentalist who is after principles, not simply tricks. 

This key principle upon which Kenton depends in all manner of work and styles of performance is now revealed at last.

This is the latest of the in-depth work by Kenton upon which so many await and rely. You will want to get ahead of the pack and begin reconsidering your act using the power of indirection.

Copy and paste into your browser the link below to see a creative young man push the boundaries of what is normally performed, or just watch the video below. How does he do it?

Here are two clues: "Secrets of Indirection" and "Twists and Trances." Check "Twists and Trances" for the Moving Picture used on the DVD. Check THIS "Secrets of Indirection" for how Danny managed the book test. Taught in this download originally as Design Duplication, Danny applied it here to this impossibly fair book test.

What is the reason that part of this video is impossible even to mentalists? How can you do this book test that also stunned members of the Psychic Entertainer's Association? The principle can be found in THIS manuscript...Secrets of Indirection!


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