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Lasting Effects - PDF Download


"Lasting Effects" arrived in late 2006 as a physical print item. - It's nearly 40 pages. We are now releasing the download version at a special discount.

Lasting Effects contains novel and weerd presentations as well as unusual effects many have been waiting for Kenton to release and which remain underground favorites.

THIS is where you can find the much talked about and hidden effect Pendulum Curse by Paul Stockman which was a huge hit at a recent Vegas convention. The story of a murder and a cursed object give a spectator mind reading abilities to find a killer - a chilling effect indeed.

HERE is where you will also find the much discussed "Phaded Photograph" of Michael Van De Carr too. A few items worn by a woman in a photograph is chosen. The performer goes out of his body, back in time, and returns with a chosen item. The item is no longer in the photograph. Very different, weerd and memorable stuff.

If you have not yet heard of these weerd mentalism classics, then you are in for a treat! Many of you have heard much about these and now you can learn them in detail at last in Lasting Effects.

You will also learn the engaging routine Buddhist Equivoque by Neo Lama that turns any ordinary equivoque into something far more memorable than a "pick an object" effect. Here is a real bit of entertainment unlike most presentations performed today (except for Kenton's "Kontrol" of course!)

Kenton has plenty of his own original work here as well of course, ranging from Kenton's very deep Cobain Book Test to Kenton's Invisible No More effect and routine - a huge hit at Kenton's rare appearances for performers. Many feel this is worth the price of the book alone and it is one of the hidden gems in this work.

What is Invisible No More? In this original Kenton effect a face up deck is displayed, and on the face of each card is written "PICK ME". One card is seen face down in the deck. It is the freely named card by the spectator...with the word "IMPOSSIBLE!" written across the face of the freely chosen card.

This is more than some standard Invisible Deck as the prediction is written on the freely named card, and not seen on any other card. The written prediction is in permanent Sharpie ink, the spectator has an entirely free choice and only one deck is used.

Also included are Kenton's presentations and secret handlings of Out Of This World, The Slydini Silks, Dial-X (Magic Clock) new entertaining readings effects, about creating lasting effects and more. In fact Kenton's work on Out Of This World has been considered a natural for television and those who wish to prove their psychic abilities under seeming test conditions.

Get a real look into Kenton's thinking, and perform magic that lingers in the minds and hearts of your audience long after you have left their presence.

These presentations and methods will change how you perform. Even a standard "Ambitious Card" will never be the same again.

If you are serious about entertaining others, not just "tricking" them, this is the book for you.

If you like tricks only, we have some real goodies for you here as you can see. But this book is about much more than tricks... It is about the real magic one can put into magic, and how to make mentalism realistic while remaining highly entertaining.

A very novel collection of unusual and original material for those who want to entertain as well as impress.


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