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Pablo Amira Special Collection

  • Less than $10 a book!
  • Get 4 of Pablo Amira's works for one low package price.
  • This collection sells for less than two of his works alone.
  • A special package from Pablo as thanks to his teacher, Kenton Knepper.

What Is This Special Collection?

Pablo is a Student of Kenton Knepper's and a member of his Inner Sanctum. For years, Pablo has contributed to Kenton's books, and Kenton's teaching has influenced Pablo's own work.

Due to this special Teacher-Student relationship, Pablo is offering four of his notable pieces at a special price, only here on Kenton's website.

Even if you have purchased one or two of these publications before from Pablo, this special collection price will make it worth your while to get the rest of this collection.

You are given FOUR of Pablo Amira's works for one great price. Two of these works have sold for this much, alone.

Here are the four works you will learn in this special collection:



A colorful and fun way of doing readings that plays with intuition and a psychological edge. You can think of this as a Kenton Knepper inspired S.A.R. Lite type of reading. Those who are trained in S.A.R. will see certain similarities and find new, useful ideas to add to your training here. If you are not trained in S.A.R. yet, this is a good introduction to see if you might like to learn more. If you enjoy this little system, then you may well be ready for S.A.R. training. Either way, you will have fun with this easy-to-do readings method.


Chromatic Chair Test 2.0

The mentalist talks about how colors affect people in daily matters. Five participants choose envelopes and sit down in chairs. The performer then explains that while everything happened completely out of the control of the mentalist, amazing things have happened due to the secret influence of colors and belief. Each person opens their envelope to find a colored piece of paper. This piece of colored paper matches the main color the person who holds the envelope is wearing. Not only that, but the back of the chairs are turned around to reveal a duplicate of the color each person is holding and wearing.

An additional kicker is also offered.


Neo Coffee 

Neo Coffee is a new fun, light reading routine that can create for your participant and audience a great mysterious moment of psychological introspection.

With a simple script, a visualization exercise and a common modern theme, you will be able to reveal someone's present emotional state, desires, goals, tendencies and even predict their future in a fun manner.

In the Neo Coffee eBook you will find the full routine, for single and multiple performance options, and a possible extra kicker that will create for your participant an incredible and credible souvenir. If you want to create not just mind reading, but also solid and mysterious connections to your audience, anytime, anywhere, with no props, Neo Coffee is for you.

Kenton Knepper teaches how important connecting, truly connecting, with an audience is in all types of performing, large or small. Here is a way to connect with others meaningfully, while remaining entertaining.


Safe Bet

EFFECT: The performer places a wallet on the table, claiming that the mystery game proposed is a “Safe Bet” for him. Then an “invisible deck” is shown to start an elimination process. In the end the whole group decides on one of 52 options in a very free manner, without ambiguous statements. The performer opens his wallet to reveal an impossible prediction of the named decision, finishing this mysterious game with great applause and a highly interesting souvenir for the participant.

Pablo Amira has created this fine piece, and now you can learn his effect and all of his secrets, complete with cunning psychology.

A prediction in your wallet is ALWAYS 100% correct. Not just a fun and amazing routine, but also a study in communicational skills for the mystery performer.

If you want a practical and strong routine always ready in your wallet, Safe Bet is your solution. 

Being able to perform Mentalism anytime, anywhere, and with normal borrowed props, is a necessity for amateurs and professional performers.

Safe Bet will give you powerful verbal control, as well as an impressive effect that seems entirely impromptu.


You get all four of these works, for one special price, as a thank you to Pablo Amira's teacher, Kenton Knepper.

You get in on the deal, as a thank you to you for supporting Kenton Knepper's direct website and material.

Thank both teacher and student for their remarkable work, and get in on the gratitude, as well as the great material, when you order this collection today.


  1. Psydraw - Pablo Amira (450 KB)

  2. Chromatic Chair Test 2.0 - Pablo Amira (5.86 MB)

  3. Neo Coffee - Pablo Amira (364 KB)

  4. Safe Bet - Pablo Amira (7.20 MB)

Media Type Digital Lesson

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