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Philosophy of Light - POL (Downloads)

  • Bright laser light manipulation
  • Includes one-person operation
  • Highly cost effective
  • Includes Kenton's Fairy Light effects


Kenton's Astonishing Original Work With Light and Lasers At The Fingertips. A feature in Kenton's act for decades can finally be yours.





The first quote we got about Kenton releasing his Philosophy of Light came from our friend Ed Underwood :

"I think the universe just grinned a little." - Edward L. Underwood


Then came this quote...

"So I 'got' this today... And in the immortal words of Christoper Walken... Woweee... wow... wow..."

- John Charles Robinson III


Followed within a couple of days by the following:


"Just reviewed your POL and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE this effect! Simply brilliant (pun intended) - cannot wait to try this out! Thank you so much for sharing this gem - my only wish is I hope you take it off the market soon - a total steal for what you've charged. Just thought I'd express my gratitude mate." - Elliot B.



What is Kenton's Philosophy of Light?

For decades people have been guessing what Kenton does to get light flashes at his fingertips, or manipulate light itself as if here were doing coin rolls with light itself.

Kenton is tipping his very cherished secrets here for a limited time. Once you have the real secrets, less than $50 worth of easily obtainable materials will set you up to do it ALL.

Nothing to "build" once you know Kenton's workings.

Kenton teaches you his many methods, so you can find the ones that best fit you, your style, performing and costuming situations. Short and long sleeve methods, behind the bar or in your living room, on stage, at a club or on the street, you will find methods that work for your situation.

It is easier to do than you think. A little practice is required of course, but nothing too difficult. Kenton's decades of experience gives you the best working made simpler and easier than ever.

We think the video, with NO TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY says it all. Naturally, some glints and spread of light happens due to video, but watch the daylight version in the longer demo and you'll see the effect pretty clearly. Keep your hands in motion and cupped, do as the instructions teach, and you'll get far more than a mere D'lite type look (because it IS a laser light)!


Questions and Answers about Kenton's Philosophy of Light

For those of you still not entirely convinced that you want this now, here are a few answers to common questions:

"Is this like a standard D'lite or one of the lasers clipped on your thumb?

NO. You can use this in daylight, on stage, and it is still very, very visible. While you can carry it in your pocket, you usually need a little setup, but nothing too difficult. It takes just a moment or two. It's not really meant for close-up but you can perform it in a close-up or walk around environment using one of the versions. You can see clearly the hands are empty during the laser sequences.

"Will it costs me thousands to put this together?"

NO. These days you can put together all the needed items for less than $50 You can put together the stage version for under $20 usually.

"Can I do this in short sleeves? In daylight? How about at a bar?"

You are given many variations to fit your various needs and desires, including short sleeve, long sleeve or coat versions, dim light effects and bright light versions. You can't say that about any other light at your fingertips effect.

Can you do this impromptu, at anytime, at any moment? Of course not. Just look at it. But you knew that already. Is it worth the little prep needed here and there, depending on the situation? Once again...just look at it!

"Can I do this anytime in my act?"

You can indeed. You will need to be able to turn it on and off if you work alone, but other than that, yes, anytime.

"Can I do this at dark and smoky clubs?"

You can do this in fairly bright, as well as fairly dark, environments. You need to avoid smoke or fog environments for the most part. There are a few options which you may still do in such environments, but the largest version Kenton uses should not be in a smoke filled situation.

You also get Kenton's "Fairie Lights" and "D'lighted" which have been staples in Kenton's work as part of this collection as well.

The bottom line? This is a steal at this price. You can put it all together, as much or as little as you wish, for $20 - $50 Rarely can you say that about a MAJOR visual piece.

This is a live special effect people are bound to remember. After all, isn't it locked into your visual memory and thought now too?

Now in streaming video so you can avoid long downloads and learn this right away.


(Kenton, we know you didn't want to give this up, but we're so glad that you did!)


This special lesson may vanish quickly without notice. Kenton insists we keep certain works limited. This is one such release.


  1. POL Demo1

  2. POL Demo 2

  3. POL Demo 3

  4. POL Demo 4 - No Frills

  5. POL Explanation Part 1

  6. POL Explanation Part 2 - Solo Act

  7. POL Explanation Part 3 - Kenton's Fairies

  8. POL Explanation Part 4 - D'lighted

  9. POL Explanation Part 5 - Wrapping It Up


  1. POL READ FIRST! (26 KB)

  2. POL Book (61.87 MB)

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