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Sorcerer Series 1, 2 and 3 - PDF Download

  • 3 Pulse Control
  • Dead Stop Clock Stop
  • Charcoal Scrying Reveal
  • Nearly 100 pages of effects and unusual methods


IF you could put Kenton in a room and have him lecture about mentalism, weerd magic and novel close-up magic, the lecture notes on such an unusual meeting would be what is in these three remarkable volumes.

Long out of print from us (originally released in 2002), this unusual series from Kenton is a nod to his "old school upbringing" where tons of creativity got slammed into a small number of pages. Originally sold in three separate volumes, the complete series is nearly 100 pages in length. Many of these items have been sold by us as individual downloads as the original series has long been out of print.

Due to repeated requests we have combined all of the work back into the original three volume series and are making the entire set a highly affordable new download. The price for the FULL SET in download form is about the price of just one of these volumes in their original (now out of print) printed format.

This very amazing collection of original Kenton principles is like stepping into the mind of Kenton and realizing just how unusual, novel and broad Kenton's remarkable thinking truly is.

Many friends (and some of the head staff at Wonder Wizards) say this wild collection is among their top three favorite Kenton releases.

Whether you were fortunate enough to purchase the original hard copy limited versions, or are new to this inside devious information, we know you will be thrilled to get all of this material in PDF format at this price.

Here is some of the material in this special set:

* Three Point Pulse Control

Just like it says - here is pulse control at apparently three different parts of the body. Strong stuff from a real world famous performer. This is more linguistic deception than actual gimmick or even influence over others, yet it is EASY to do. A very devious approach appreciated by some of the biggest names in mentalism. Did we mention this is really diabolical?

* Dead Stop - When Time Stands Still

This clock stopping routine was very popular in our download section. Read carefully for the revelation of the most unusual method of all. Kenton has been known to sign and give away souvenir clocks after performing this one. A few mentalists have taken this effect on the road with them. It is easy to perform, and novel in method and presentation.These secrets have been sold separately and may now be found only in this complete collection.

* Polarity - The Reverse Polarity Spiel

This is part reading, part location, part symbolism and metaphor. Did we mention it might also actually help people? This has been a popular download and now the only way you can get this is through our Mind Reading Lessons or in this original collection.

* Scrying In Your Wine

A borrowed bill tells the mentalist all about a person's character - including the numbers on her bill.

* A Dowser's Dream

An easy way to prove you can use a pendulum or other dowsing device to not only locate which cup has more water in it, but various levels of water in different cups as well. This can be found in one of our Mind Reading Lessons but ti was first taught in lectures and in this series. You may have overlooked it, and if so, you need the reminder as to why this and its related principles have fooled many.

* Charcoal Scrying

This has gained a huge reputation with our direct download customers. It is part mentalism, part real magic, part weerd magic. It can seem very realistic and uses Kenton's dual reality and a very sneaky metaphysical aid. In a normal living room setting, a spectator learns to scry by staring into charcoal, naming shapes, cards, and maybe even their future! Available now only as a part of this complete series.

* Center Piece

This is a very clever and unusual way to learn what a person has written on a piece of paper. The client writes down a word or two that signals their main issue. This is then stuffed into a tight mouth, long necked ceramic bottle. There is no way anyone could get to the paper now, let alone read it. Yet the mind reader or cold reader is able to tell the client a great deal that is on their mind.

* Shrewd and Calculating

Weerd stuff with a calculator. Maybe things just go haywire around you when you have special powers.

* A Phony One Ahead

A problem becomes a distinct advantage here. A novel modernization of a one-ahead prediction strategy.


* Kenton's Gem Production

Gems fade in at the extreme fingertips as if literally from "nowhere". Direct from Kenton's stand-up act. Easy, beautiful, using psychology as well as a clever secret.

* The FANTastical Ribbon

A cloth fan is seen with a bright silk streamer woven through its ribs and cloth. Yet, the ribbon instantly penetrates the fan. The ribbon is draped over the fan - the fan has the ribbon running through it again! The ribbon can be slowly pulled through the fan - everyone sees it openly from both sides - the fan is unharmed. Then this routne gets really wild! You'll have to read the rest. We can say that at the end the fan seems to animate itself as it frees itself from the ribbon - gorgeous.

* New Liquid Principles

Reach into your pocket and remove a drink. No covers. You may even vanish the liquid but not the glass! These methods are very different from the usual. Kenton's new "Multum in Parvo" in which the liquid really does increase and fills an aquarium in the end. A large punch bowl a spectator holds fills with punch or colored water with no cover. No tubes or connections, yet the spectator feels the bowl get heavier as it fills to the brim! These are diabolical secrets you can and will use that only Kenton could conjure up. Many of these items are being performed in well-known and respected acts. These secrets have been sold separately and may now be found only in this complete collection.

* Sealed Miser's Dream Jars and Goblets

Coins are literally caught in long stemmed glasses, or sealed jars, with NO difficult sleight of hand whatsoever.


* Smashing a Super Ball

* Huge Gold Chunk that appears, grows, become bejeweled and then vanishes

* Fade In Quarter Production

* Real "woofle dust" for grown-ups and "Stardust"

* Manipulation Quartz Crystals

* Kenton's manipulation of the Ringing Balls or "Hell's Bells" (you won't believe this!)

* Jumping Bill In Glass Monte

* Vanishing Finger Ring that reappears on the finger in mid-air

and still MORE.

* The Kontrol Kard gimmick

And the special substance others could only guess about (and got wrong!)

* Kling String

Others thought they knew, and taught it as their own...but they guessed wrong again! Leave it to Kenton to have such a deviously brilliant and twisted solution. Not only does this radicalize Gypsy Thread, it allows for a strange effect where a tiny thread grows into a FOOT LONG thread (or more) with no palming, switches, or anything "usual".

* The Duplicity Hold Out

A novel breakthrough that has sneaked its way into the acts of some who are not talking. Read the principle and consider how YOU can apply it here.

* Cutting Finger With A Swiss Army Knife Set

A quick bit to get attention, and then a laugh, if you wish. Here is the original, impromptu set-up.

* Vanishing Salt

Various original and novel methods of making salt, cheese and more at your dinner table or restaurant disappear without sleight of hand. Like the rest of this series, careful pondering on these unusual methods will give you many new insights and performance options.

* Newell Unfried and Kenton's Any Card At Any Number

It blew them away in Hollywood but the guys didn't tip the sneaky work until this series was first released. Highly underused, learn this and blow away close-up and parlor magicians all over again! It is not the usual sleights or typical solutions, which is why no one could guess how this could be accomplished.

* Postcards From The Edge

A fine mentalism routine where you read the minds of two spectators, and end up with multiple climaxes. This routine has literally made people scream and walk away in fear of Kenton's abilities. With the proper presentation as described, it can do the same for you.

SO much is crammed into each of these manuscripts it is impossible to tell you all the exciting material you will find. New principles, new concepts, new methods, new effects. PURE KENTON.

Many of these items are available for individual downloads, and have been very popular. Here they are combined in their original form as a complete collection with additional material. We no longer have the original and full Sorcerer Series in print, so we have released it at last as a PDF.

We highly suggest you read these carefully as many sly principles and nuances have been missed over the years by readers who failed to think closely about what they were reading. Read the series a few times for fun, scanning them casually, and then be sure to go back through them again looking carefully for tidbits and principles you may have missed. You'll be glad you did.

You are bound to find something, likely many "somethings", to use from this unusual collection. With such diversity, you really cannot miss.

All THREE VOLUMES are contained in this download for one low price. This is not a per volume price, but the entire price for all three !


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