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Subliminal Effects (Download)

  • Perform truly realistic mentalism.
  • Engage friends to test their own intuitive abilities.
  • Use on your phone or MP3 player to prove your psychic expertise and credentials.
  • Use psychological forces that cannot fail, thanks to the secrets in this audio system.


The classic sampling of Kenton's work with psychological forces mixed with an entertaining do-it-yourself audio program and sneaky linguistics that mean you will never fail. This is the download version of Kenton's classic work.

Many write to ask us where Kenton talks about his approach to making psychological forces surefire. THIS IS IT. If you have been looking for those insider secrets you've heard about, you may have missed that SUBLIMINAL EFFECTS is the place where Kenton tips his psychological forcing approaches.

Yet this audio set and system is more that just that.

The set creates instant credibility. You will be able to prove immediately that you are a trained and certified expert in subliminal programming and telepathic influence.

Gather a group of friends together as they learn to pick up on subliminal influence...

Your friends will be highly impressed as they begin to accurately pick up on the subliminal cues on the audio program (yes, there are unusual subliminals on this audio program).

Kenton has used Subliminal Effects to instantly generate respect and credibility as a mentalist, suggestionist, hypnotist and more.

Now you can put this on your iPhone, iPod, or any MP3 player and perform it wherever you are.

Turn on the audio program, tally up the amazing results, and your guests will be so intrigued that they will be begging you to talk more about your abilities and special knowledge.

This is the perfect introduction to mentalism performed in your home, as a lead in to booking hypnosis or mentalism shows with a small group, "training" people to tune into subliminal, telepathic or personal intuition, selling subliminal CDs, and more.

Kenton's special wording, psychological forces and applications, subliminal recording, sound marking and other sneaky things are at work on the CD - so that you don't really have to work at all. Kenton takes psychological forces to an entirely new performance level.

All that you need do is show your Certified Tester's Certificate (included) and then focus on interacting with your guests as the "official" audio program plays.

Then be prepared to be taken VERY seriously.

Supplied in this download are:

* Detailed Instructional Audio Program by Kenton dealing with psychological forces, outs and influence. This hour long audio teaching will tell you precisely how to use this system, the secret wording at work on the audio program that you play for the public (included), and how a few simple ruses means you will always appear to be the unfailing expert in the eyes of the public.

* The Subliminal Testing Audio Program is the one that you play for your audience, large or small. The opening comments instantly give you credibility, and the recording actually covers any forces that do not hit. It is the way this entire presentation is labeled that causes seemingly real subliminal influence.

* Certified Subliminal Tester Certificate In this download version you get a certification, front and back artwork to print out as your own certificate which may then be used as a part of the effect, as described in the audio instructions.

Sure there's a trick to it all - but your guests and audiences will think it is as legitimate as can be.

These audio programs helped make Kenton's reputation as a serious investigator of suggestion and mentalism. They can do the same for you - instantly.

This is NOT a "count around mathematical presentation" or anything of that type. These are largely psychological forces ingeniously built into an audio program that does almost all the work for you, so that you can focus on audience interaction and presentation.

Frankly, it's also just a lot of fun for both listeners and performers too.

Kenton will teach you all the secret workings in the first audio program, and the second audio program is the one you play for the public to thrill and amaze everyone. Instant credibility and fascinating discussions about the mind and subliminal influence, as well as possible telepathy, result from the performance of this effect.

Important! This special set is for those who wish to appear legitimate and well-trained in suggestion and/or telepathic influence only. Order this set only if you wish others to assume you are into real suggestion and the study of the mind.

If you can handle realistic performance of subliminal influence and mentalism, then this is for you.



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