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Famous Students and First Works

  • The first groundbreaking works by Kenton Knepper's Famous Students
  • Works by Peter Turner, Fraser Parker, Luke Jermay, Luca Volpe, Pablo Amira, Enrique Enriquez, and Chris Rawlins
  • Includes over an hour and a half live interview video with Kenton, Peter Turner, Fraser Parker and Luca Volpe
  • Includes another over 1 hour live video with Kenton Knepper
  • Each book originally sold for $35 and up
  • Hard to get works available for a limited time

Many are aware that Peter Turner, Fraser Parker and many other names in mentalism and magic have been (or still are) students of the Master Kenton Knepper.

Kenton either wrote, or helped to write, the first booklets that introduced these important names to the rest of the world. 

These works have become collectible, and often hard to obtain.

Now you can get these important works from Peter Turner, Fraser Parker, Luke Jermay, Pablo Amira, and Enrique Enriquez all in one place, for a limited time.

So many fans of Peter Turner, Fraser Parker, Luke Jermay ask about how to get the first works.

Here they are, at a price you cannot beat, and with rare video interviews you won't find anywhere else. You will also get rare streaming videos of Kenton and his students discussing important principles, approaches, even routines.

This special collection includes:


* Peter Turner's Devious Realities


* Luke Jermay's 7 Deceptions


* Fraser Parker's True Mysteries


* Luca Volpe's Psy Vision


* Pablo Amria's Neo Coffee and Chromatic Chair Test


* Enrique Enriquez's Act of Imagination


* Chris Rawlins' Mind Experiments 


* Kenton video interview 1 live with Peter Turner, Fraser Parker and Luca Volpe (over 1 and a half hours long)


* Kenton video interview 2, with powerful discussions about real magic and mentalism, and how they apply to performance (1 and a half hours long)


You will find more useable material in this collection than in most books,videos or downloads that you buy elsewhere for twice the price. This collection will give mentalists plenty of new tools and practical effects to use in their actual performances.


The videos here are streaming. In full disclosure, the videos were recorded live on older technology so they are not pristine video or audio. But these are such rare video interviews we knew that you would want to be able to see Kenton and his students speak openly, deeply, passionately, comedically, and in real time. This is a rare opportunity to glimpse Kenton and his students in uncensored situations, live. These are live and unedited, so you get to see everyone on an honest and real level. These are special bonuses beyond the original works of Kenton and his famous students. The interviews, as stead on the website, are very old school video. They are not high def at all. Choppy video and audio, but still... one is all Kenton being interviewed, the other is the guys together doing a surprise interview with Kenton long distance. People do talk over one another here and there quite a bit, but you'll get the main ideas. The more you'll listen the more you'll hear.


Please note: This is a VERY limited spcial offer and will go away without notice at any time. If you want in on this collection of original works, grab it now. We cannot be responsible for those who wait and miss out on this very limited offer.


  1. Kenton Knepper Peter Turner Fraser Parker Luca Volpe Interview

  2. FCM Live Interview with Kenton Knepper


  1. Devious Realities by Peter Turner (2.21 MB)

  2. 7 Deceptions by Luke Jermay (618 KB)

  3. True Mysteries by Fraser Parker (338 KB)

  4. Psy Vision by Luca Volpe (1.12 MB)

  5. Neo Coffee by Pablo Amira (364 KB)

  6. Chromatic Chair Test 20 by Pablo Amira (5.86 MB)

  7. Act of Imagination by Enrique Enriquez (1.04 MB)

  8. Mind Experiments by Chris Rawlins (1.92 MB)

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