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Twists and Trances - PDF Download


Kenton has hidden so much real work on his classic Trance Illusion and Kentonism here that most have missed this astonishing material.

Here is just a bit of what you will learn in this work:

*"I Am NOT Hypnotized!" can be made into a complete act. Due to modern legal issues the performer constantly insists that subjects say loudly that they really are NOT HYPNOTIZED. Still, the subjects do many things only a hypnotized person would do. They fail at simple tasks, think sweet candy tastes horrible, gets hotter as they taste it, becomes sour, people physically lose strength or gain strength, and so on. Keith Barry has featured this on television and it is also a popular segment in his Las Vegas stage show.

*Kentonism Deck Revealed. For those of you who do not yet have Kenton's "Mental Influence With Cards DVD" here is inside secret of a profound effect. It fooled the highly esteemed members of the "Psychic Entertainers Association" - that's how realistic this is. The performer causes a spectator to hallucinate or choose a particular card from a deck of cards, although the spectator has shuffled this very deck, cut the cards and had complete control of them the entire time. The performer never touches the deck during the shuffling, cutting or selection process. Yet the cards are seen by everyone as ordinary and different - though the spectator may insist the idea of the card was implanted into their mind and that they hallucinated this card before they somehow took it! You'll learn the method here under the title of "Eyes Of..."

* A Hypnotic Copper and Silver in which the spectator is amazed by a trick that never happens! The audience clearly sees what is actually taking place, but the hypnotized spectator swears it is exactly the opposite. And... "I am NOT hypnotized!" (wink)

* Spectators repeat that they are not hypnotized while speaking into an "invisible" microphone.

* Fraser Parker's "Change of Belief" is an effect that causes an apparent atheist into a believer or the other way around. Apparently by hypnotic influence or sheer force of will, the performer is able to actually change the beliefs of a spectator. The spectator will swear that this is now his or her real belief, always has been and always will be. Stop them anytime on the street and they'll swear this is still their real belief! This is for performer's ONLY. Like any of Kenton's work for performers, don't think that the illusion is the reality. No matter who tells you that you can do all of this with NLP or anything else, performers use Kenton's work to perform - it's not real. Just keep telling yourself, and your audiences that. (Fraser is one of Kenton's students of the S.E.C.R.E.T. School)

There is MUCH more. Kenton has placed a great deal of what he does in his Kentonism act in this book. In fact, if someone asks Kenton what he does as Kentonism today, he refers people to this book.

Combine this with "Trance This!" and "Ultimately Under" and you'll be able to create your own realistic hypnosis show without a bit of hypnosis required.



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