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Trance This in PDF Download


Now available for the first time in PDF format, Kenton's inside work on Trance Illusion: "Trance This!"

Many have been "inspired" by this work. Here is some of what you will be able to do:

*After a brief trance exercise, a person seems to have amnesia and/or cannot say their name.

*A Different Mirroring allows a person to apparently get rid of a phobia or pain instantly due to the performer's guidance and influence. FOR PERFORMERS ONLY. Not a cure or a therapy. This is a part of the "Phobia Done" download sold separately. It is included here.

*Broken Mind/Body Connection causes people on stage to relax their body with only their mind active - so that it can be read by the psychic entertainer.

*Sure Hallucination in Three Dimensions makes a person go deeply into a supposed trance state. The subject sees a hypnotic swirl printed on a card becoming actually three dimensional. The subject will insist this swirl is now really, physically, three dimensional - though anyone can examine the card they are looking at and take it home for themselves.

*Milton and the Mysteries Kenton teaches a special relationship between Milton Erickson and arcane mysteries, and how to create "Spontaneous Magic in Two Easy Steps" in your performances based on these teachings.

*The Card Trance is a way of both revealing a playing card and causing a spectator to go into a more relaxed state in the process. Kenton also details many linguistic ploys he uses to subtly cause relaxed or trance states in performance.

*Putting It All Together Kenton shows you how to take all of this and more and put it together into a routine. By experimenting with this possible routine, you will find your own best way of working with these principles and effects.

*One Night Stand is a popular item sold separately, and is entirely revealed here. Putting a person into an altered state the performer asks a person to select a phone number out of his magnetic address book. The spectator selects a page and verifies that there are at least two different numbers on that page. The spectator thinks of one number only. The performer reveals the initials of the person in the phone book, and their phone number, and shows that this was all predicted in advance too! A method that inspired many others, completely and correctly detailed here.

* The Ring was also sold by Kenton until it was copied and sold by others without permission. Kenton answered this takeover by placing the work into this book. The book sold for less than what the others were selling Kenton's "The Ring" as their own. This is Kenton's use and suggestions on how to use optical finger rings for creating trances and trance illusion. There are direct and indirect suggestion about LOTR included in Kenton's original patter. People become "fascinated" or enslaved as they look at a finger ring, and begin to hallucinate.

More is provided including actual self hypnosis Kenton began using in his teens that may be taught to spectators, even in the midst of performing a trance illusion.

This work, Kenton's "Twists and Trances" and "Ultimately Under" comprise a series somewhat equivalent to what Kenton intended as a "Kentonism Volume Two". If you want to do trance illusion work, these items are a MUST. (We assume of course that you already have Kentonism - or get that too now!)


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