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Ultimately Under - PDF Download


Read this today, put people into trances in your performances tomorrow

Kenton and his student's acclaimed book "Ultimately Under" does for hypnosis what Completely Cold has done for telephone psychics.

This book contains the work others have been selling mere portions of as their own for this price. Learn the real in-depth secrets, the whole story, and the ideas that sparked 1000 "novel" works by others by learning from the original teachers of this material.

Literally overnight you will get spectators to close their eyes, levitate their arm, see imaginary balloons and all manner of things - without stooges, hypnosis, or tons of practice.

Spectator's hands get stuck to a table, they cannot move from a spot on the floor, their fingers seem glued together and more.

No memorizing special hypnotic scripts or fancy words.

No funny props required, though you may want to use your cell phone or make up a thing or two. (Of course you may have already paid more to learn the one cell phone idea when it was repackaged and resold by someone else for as much as this entire book!)

Most of these effects can be performed up close, in a living room or on stage.

Unlike what all the others teach you, Kenton tips how mentalists and magicians can use trance work TODAY without worry or failure. Avoid the pitfalls others teach and perform trance effects without legal issues by using this information.

(Another performer has made his whole (new) name by pointing out what Kenton and his students did in this original work. If you get the feeling you should have read this first, or that everyone else who is teaching such material read this and then wrote it their own way, you're probably right. No time like the present to learn the real material and not the copied versions of it!)

Forget being taught how to be a clinical therapist or hypnotist when all you really want to do is apparently put people under INSTANTLY while doing your usual effects.

You learn how to do all of this and more right away in this amazing book. This work is for MAGICIANS AND MENTALISTS BY a renown MAGICIAN and MENTALIST. You don't need to be an expert in hypnosis when all you really want to do is show how you put people into a trance instantly.

No dangerous methods, no difficult work.

Read it today, perform trance effects with ease and complete confidence tomorrow!

No worries, and no fear required.

No wonder this book was being called a "classic work on hypnosis for performers!" only months after it was released.

How good is this material? A student actually fooled Kenton with one of these methods as Kenton was certain what he was performing was either real hypnosis or a stooge. It was neither. Yep, the material in this book is THAT good. Read it closely and ponder it well and it will serve you likewise. The even better news is that most of this material is very direct in performance, without a lot of complex script memorization for an induction or dangerous physical jerking of a spectator.

If you want to entertain and show your mental powers rather than deal with constant law suits, here is the best place to start. Literally it is the material that has launched 1000 acts and products by others.

(Hard copies still available for a limited time at $50 each. See our website for how to order this $50 printed version if you prefer.)

"Ultimately Under is ultimately amazing!" - John Chu

and this...

"As someone who truly respects the arts of hypnosis and mentalism, I can think of few performers who have provided such great influence and entertainment as Kenton Knepper."

- Todd Newton, Emmy Award Winning TV Host and Hypnotist


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