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Wonder Words: The Complete Course

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"Kenton's work has been almost single handedly responsible for much of the new mentalism of today."
— Bob Cassidy

Kenton is a genius. Learn from him.

-- Marc Salem


What Every Performer Should Know About the Power of Words.

Question: Have you ever wondered why some performers almost always seem to have absolute control over their audiences?

If you are looking for the tools and techniques that have helped launch the careers of some of the most successful mentalists and magicians of our time... you've come to the right place!

Find out what they know (that you probably don't) about how to influence people, create long-lasting impact and have greater success in booking gigs.


Using Neuro-linquistic Programming (NLP) in magic and mentalism performances all started with Wonder Words. Even NLP trainers refer to Wonder Words as their favorite training on NLP made practical and easy. Yet Wonder Words goes beyond mere NLP...

Serious performers understand the importance of words in creating powerful performances. In addition, selling yourself becomes much easier if you understand how to use persuasive language in your calls, on your website and in your marketing materials.

You can feel the difference when you're listening to a professional versus an amateur. The professional commands attention while the amateur can only mumble a few words that have no meaning or impact on the audience. It's no wonder they're in constant fear of being heckled. They should be!

Thankfully, Kenton Knepper took the time to wade through all of the NLP source materials, find the gems, test and build on them through thousands of live performances... and then make them available to us in an easy-to-understand, practical format.

Why you should listen to Kenton...

Kenton Knepper began working on influence at a very early age. In elementary school he could be seen dragging around a tome on hypnosis. Later, Kenton became a teacher’s assistant in psychology classes in High School. Kenton grew up working on a hypnosis show with one of his many busy teachers. Kenton also excelled in understanding word power from an early age.

Kenton studied many esoteric and mysterious art forms, always looking for new ways to connect to people at deeper levels, and to help shift the consciousness of those he met towards positive ends. In his magic and mentalism shows he became known for helping people feel happier, healthier, more connected, more awake and aware. Kenton was also keenly aware of illusion and how positive use of illusion could lead people to greater insight and truths.

All of these factors lead Kenton to examine verbal influence, subconscious communication, indirect meaning and influence.

Kenton travelled all over the United States, Canada and Mexico performing magic and mentalism, while secretly honing his linguistic and subtle communication skills. He tested out his ideas with everyone from psychologists, Ericksonian hypnosis practitioners, famous speakers, celebrities and yes, even mentalists. Soon everyone wanted to know what he knew.

Why this is so important...

We've all had those shows where you just can't seem to connect with the audience. At best, they just don't care. But if you really lose control, they heckle you throughout the entire show.

How many gigs have you lost because you couldn't get the client to understand why you were the best choice?

What about the question that strikes fear into the hearts of most performers: "Do you do kids' birthday parties?" That's not a bad thing if that's your market. But if your goal is to work for intelligent, adult audiences, it's the last impression you want your prospective clients to have of you.

How often have you spent good money on some new prop, device or effect... only to find out that it was a complete flop in front of a real audience? Look at some of the most well-respected names in our business. It's rarely the tricks that make them successful. Instead, it's the things they say, and how they say them, that turn a mundane trick into something with real impact.

Wonder Words: The Complete Course

For over a decade Kenton would tip some of his secrets under the guise of magic performance and NLP to a handful of performing students. Eventually, he was prodded to teach an exclusive group of some of the world’s most famous mentalists a little about what he knew. It was this teaching to select students and peers which lead in time to Wonder Words.

The original Wonder Words series was available on cassette tapes (yes, they've been around that long). Then we went to CDs. Then MP3s for each Volume.

We know from experience that trying to digest all this information at once can be like drinking from a firehose. So we're releasing them as a course so you have ample time to digest it and try it out. The content is still being delivered via download (MP3s and PDFs), but it's now broken into 12 indvidual segments. Every other week a new segment will be available for download through your Media Library.

Here are the topics covered in just the first lesson:

  1. Unspecified referential index - utilize non-specific nouns so the audience has to subconsciously apply what you're saying to their own expeience.
  2. Unspecified verbs - force entire actions to be ignored or removed from the audience's experience.
  3. Plus two professional routines utilizing these concepts that you can immediatley start doing and experience the results

Topics covered in the second lesson:

  1. Claming to know - make people think what you want them to think is true.
  2. As ___ as ___ - a sneaky formula that makes you seem more incredible and amazing than you are.
  3. Presuppositions - the secret category of words that cause people to think things they don't even know they are thinking.
  4. Complex generalizations - get people to believe what you say by combining things in a covert manner.
  5. Quotes - how to use quotes, even make them up, and get people to believe what you say.
  6. Comparative est - become the best and brightest, just by using the right words.

Topics covered in the third lesson:

  1. AND linkage - cause people to do things you want, while doing things they think they want to do.
  2. Embedded commands - covert ways to hide secret messages in your script and speech.
  3. Modal operators - use these words to suggest that people have no choice.
  4. Awareness deceptions - a special category of words that cause people to accept an idea.
  5. Original tricks and verbal twists on classics that make for powerful routines and effects.

Topics covered in the fourth lesson:

  1. Pet readings - an effect that allows you to do readings using psychology.
  2. Finger cues - secret psychological meanings of fingers and what this tells you.
  3. Nominalizations - words tha sound specific and exacting but are highly deceptive.
  4. Anti-advice words - Kenton's classic word type that allows you to do readings and make suggestions without having to give advice.
  5. "I AM" readings - a sneaky way to do readings without worry and cause people to make the readings fit them.
  6. Animal Prints effect - A professional mentalist tips a favorite readings effect.
  7. Qualifiers - special words that help you hedge your bets in readings and influence, as well as predictions.
  8. Fill in the blanks - the easiest way to do readings and make secret influence you have ever heard or seen.

Topics covered in the fifth lesson:

  1. Subconscious communication - avoid the trap of appealing to the intellect and getting caught.
  2. The BUT three step formula - three simple steps help people believe you.
  3. Questions used as secret influence - The right kind of questions can cause people to think and so as you wish.
  4. Three step cause and effect formula - Get people to feel things, even physical reactions, with this secret formula.
  5. How to get people to do, feel or think things - More tools that help you cause people to imagine and experience what you wish.

Topics covered in the sixth lesson:

  1. Labelling - What you name things can make or break you or a trick.
  2. Kenton's Time Machine - Kenton's classic effect as performed in Las Vegas.
  3. Suggestion - learn what suggestion is and how to use it daily.
  4. Body language as secret influence - You can influence people with simple, subtle body cues.

Topics covered in the seventh lesson:

  1. Four personality types - know all about people, and read them like a book, or even a deck of cards.
  2. Tools that tell for readings - a simple way to be certain you will know about someone before doing any reading.
  3. Creating altered states indirectly - learn how you can connect and alter the minds of others without hypnosis.
  4. Using vivid mental pictures as influence/emotions - cause people to remember what you wish, or see what has never happened.

Topics covered in the eighth lesson:

  1. Communicating with your audience's subconscious - bypass the critical mind and move your audience more deeply.
  2. External versus internal performing - if you don't know what this is yet, it could make or break you. 
  3. Adjusting - learning the secret behind adjusting allows for more realistic miracles and impossible feats.
  4. Congruency versus expectancy - audiences will laugh at you, or utterly destroy you, if you don't get this one right.
  5. True lies - how to lie in performance and seem entirely honest.
  6. Patterns - new insights on how to see patterns in life and create miracles out of those patterns in performance.

Topics covered in the ninth lesson:

  1. New cause and effect formulas - more ways to get people to think and feel things.
  2. If then - a simple method to get people to believe what you say must be fact.
  3. Contrary to expectation - rule words don't always rule, in fact, they can make people do the opposite.
  4. Repetitive words - a special category of words that have secret suggestions built right into them.
  5. Time words - another secret influence that a specific type of word has over others.

Topics covered in the tenth lesson:

  1. Open ended questions - use these to probe others and get more information out of them.
  2. Closed questions - use these to stop people from talking, or get them to do what you need.
  3. Truisms - build instant rapport and have audiences accept your ideas with these words.
  4. Pattern interrupts - stop people as needed, break hecklers, change behavior and more.
  5. Reverse statements - turn negative comments and objections into positive ones.
  6. Stacking - create multiple suggestions and implant them into the minds of others.

Topics covered in the eleventh lesson:

  1. All words as presuppositions - a secret so huge, it may blow your mind for days thinking about it. Seriously.
  2. Because - a simple word, when properly understood as only Kenton can teach, becomes a powerhouse of influence.
  3. Dropping or - Kenton's original technique that gets people to think or do as he wishes. No you can do it too.
  4. Planned subconscious rebellion - get people to think and feel things even when you claim to be insisting they do the opposite.
  5. Tonality - how the sounds of your words can influence others and generate meaning, even as a gimmick to an effect.
  6. Subtext - learn how to use indirection or indirect meanings, help others to feel better, like you, and so much more.

Topics coverd in the final lesson:

  1. Subttext detailed - this lesson starts off where the last one ends...because there is so much to tell about this section.
  2. Bomb dropping - Kenton's famous secret for creating meaning and emotion without preaching, telling stories, or being uncomfortable
  3. Double binds - how to verbally put people into a mental state so that they must do as you wish.
  4. OR as a win-win - how to use a simple word to cause a double bind.
  5. Metaphors - bridge your act to the everyday life of your audience, become memorable, and make a lasting impact on others.
  6. Shifting references - with a change of a word or two, get the audience completely "with you", on your side, and willing.
  7. Five emotions - these five emotions work in a cycle on subtly changing influence. You can use them just as millions have for countless years now, although only a few rare teachers are usually privy to the secrets to share them. Kenton does so here. You'll find more too, once you learn the secret code spread all through the series, that allows you to go back and hear new things that you did not hear the first time through the course.

Here are just a few of the things Wonder Words will help you be able to do:

  • Perform effects using words as the main or only gimmick.
  • Boost anything you already do and turn that into a modern miracle, just by changing a few important, but very sneaky and powerful words.
  • Get people to do what you want them to do.
  • Influence people to believe and think as you wish.
  • Implant ideas into the minds of others.
  • Change the memory of what people experience into what you want them to remember.
  • Understand people at deep levels, and know how to develop deeper connections and rapport with others.
  • Seem to read the thoughts of others, and do readings without stock lines, memorization, or having to guess about a person at all.
  • Appear to be instantly credible.
  • Learn to relax before, during and after performances.
  • Put others into relaxed or altered states of mind without hypnosis.
  • Wonder Words can help you communicate and influence the subconscious minds of your audience.
  • Get people to feel things, such as tingles or shivers down their spine, without gimmicks or hypnosis.
  • Understand the real secret power of suggestion, and how it is hidden in virtually everything, ready for you to use.
  • Discover how body movement, props, colors, clothing and much more causes secret influence on your audience.
  • Be more authentic, seem more realistic, feel more natural to your audiences.
  • Look for and take advantage of secret patterns.
  • Impress secret influence upon your friends and audiences in a natural way they cannot notice.
  • Stop people from doing things you don’t want them to do.
  • Turn rebellious people into unwitting participants.
  • Allow for choices with outcomes  or perceptions always as you want them to be.
  • Instantly make an entire audience feel included as a group, by changing a single word.

What People are Saying...

"Kenton's work has been almost single handedly responsible for much of the 'new' mentalism of today." - Bob Cassidy
“Wonder Words can even make mimes speak. I am living proof.” - Jeff McBride
“Let me be quite unapologetically blunt: If you don't understand why you need to get and use this, then you have no business being a mentalist.” - Jheff, Marketplace of the Mind
“Wonder Words is my favorite resource and it has made a really big difference when it comes to writing a script/patter. Listening to Kenton Knepper's Wonder Words all over again after so many years renewed my passion for Mentalism. No better tool for learning how to script. So much to relearn.” - Joel Tay
“Wonder Words is a classic and an easily understood approach to deliberate language.” - Jeffrey Richards
“I recommend your Wonder Words as one of the best works on NLP I ever came across in my UK hypnosis trainings. Keep up the good work.” - Jonathan Chase
“Cellini taught me to deal with hecklers sharply and swiftly. This did well by me for years on the streets and in comedy clubs. These days, not so much. After studying Kenton Knepper's Wonder Words (applications for NLP in magic and life), I took another approach.” - Tom Frank
“I remember reading WONDER WORDS by Kenton Knepper back when I was 18... And I KNOW for a fact that it had something to do with where I'm at today, performing, teaching, and helping others with HYPNOSIS and HTG LIVE.” - Jay Nobelzada
“I love your work in Wonder Words! It has changed my close up magic and my mentalism.” - Pablo Amira
“I have been a professional mentalist most of my adult life. I cannot tell you how important Kenton's works have been to my career and thinking. part of that has to do with the fact that my personal work as a reader and mentalist was influenced by Wonder Words…” - Richard Tenace
“I am out of my own trance thanks to Kenton Knepper & his Wonder Words! Amazing!” - Eric Cmd Bedard
"I have this ... absolutely Fantastic !!!!" - Mickey Silver

How much is it worth to you?

The original price of the cassette tapes was $200.

The CD versions originally cost $180.

The MP3s were $150.

And don't forget that the two workbooks, which we're including in this package, sold for $35 each.

The Complete Course includes all of this, plus more, for only $117!!!


You also get the following bonuses now with this course:

  • Wonder Words Workbooks: Wonder Words Workbook 1 is loaded with fill-in-the-blank examples and applications from the first four lessons of Wonder Words. The Wonder Words Workbook 2 has fill-in-the-blank applications from the remaining eight lessons, as well as additional information and insights. The Workbooks used to sell for $35 each. That's $70 for both of them. Now you get them FREE as bonuses in this Wonder Words Course.
  • Accidental Discovery is the video explanation of the trick by the same name talked about in the Wonder Words Course. This video demonstration with new insight and insider explanations originally sold for $25. It is another included BONUS in this Wonder Words Course. This is a trick that fooled Kenton, and became one of the most underground miracles pros used in close-up magic they would not tip to others. Now you can learn it all, in detail, with streaming video that makes every action and application of Wonder Words clear.
  • Extra Special Bonus: ADDITIONAL COMMENTARY BY KENTON AND OTHERS on how the material in the lessons should be used. Over 20 years after the original recordings, Kenton and his peers have new thoughts on applying these principles, clearing up misunderstandings, new insights, applications, how these methods are being used today and how they should be used, and more. Wonder Words launched a majority of ideas and principles used by everyone today. Learn how others have misunderstood and incorrectly applied these ideas, and how Kenton, and others, suggest you use these tools to get the most power out of them now. After you absorb the Course, these interviews will move you to a deeper understanding and take what you know to new heights.
  • This is the FULL COURSE of Wonder Words so you can study and soak in all the very best, with bonuses and access that is unprecedented.

Get in now on the FULL COURSE with all the bonus materials for only $117.00 right now!

Courses release files in segments so you don't get overwhelmed or lost. Your first month begins the course, and the second month gives you the rest of the related material, so you can easily absorb and practice these ideas.



  1. Wonder Words and NLP Psychology

    1 Download
  2. Wonder Words Lesson 1

  3. Wonder Words Lesson 2

    1 Download
  4. Wonder Words Lesson 3

    1 Download
  5. Wonder Words Lesson 4

    1 Download
  6. Wonder Words Lesson 5

  7. Wonder Words Lesson 6

    1 Download
  8. Wonder Words Lesson 7

    1 Download
  9. Wonder Words Lesson 8

    1 Download
  10. Wonder Words Lesson 9

  11. Wonder Words Lesson 10

    1 Download
  12. Wonder Words Lesson 11

    1 Download
  13. Wonder Words Lesson 12

    1 Download
  14. Wonder Words Workbook One

    1 Download
  15. Wonder Words Workbook Two

    1 Download
  16. Accidental Discovery

    6 Videos
  17. Backlash

    1 Download
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    It changed my life. Really.

    5 Stars

    The number one best magic product available. It changed my life.

    I actively use Wonder Words to make hundreds of dollars a week! The truth. ❤️

    PS: I can’t believe how inexpensive it is. I mean like how much is four years of college?

    Thank you Kenton Knepper!

    Jason Gardner

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    If you buy nothing else, you should buy Wonder Words: The Complete Course.

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    Adrian Fernandez

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    I highly recommend Wonder Words to anyone just starting out in magic or mentalism or to the seasoned pro.

    Kenton Knepper is the master... read anything written by him.

    Wonder Words is close to 10 and a half hours of Pure Gold for the magician or Mentalist.

    Want to take your performances to the next level??? Get Wonder Words!!! You'll be glad you did!

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    It's How We Should Do Things

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    Language is the medium through which we convey meaning and describe reality. Wonder Words teaches how to use the power of language to shift, shape and change reality.

    In other words -- how to do REAL magic.

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