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Kenton Life Change Wizard Member

From $199.00 / month

What would you really like to change in your life right now?

More clarity? More direction? Less anger, angst and anxiety? Happier, more fulfilling relationships? Increased health, wellness and serenity? A greater feeling of worth and wealth?

What you’re about to read may surprise you even more than my magic shows…

It’s confession time.

Most people who have witnessed my magical performances around the world over the years have seen me present the appearance of transformation. You know, like changing a Two of Diamonds into a King of Spades. Or a silver coin into a gold one.

But behind the scenes…

Well, behind the scenes I’ve been quietly helping friends and private clients create real transformations in their lives, through a variety of techniques I’ll share with you in a moment. We get into performance matters like presentation and persuasion, communication and connection. And we dig into personal matters. Real life, real world issues. Even such life-or-death concerns such as sobriety, grief, and suicide.

True life-changing stuff.

It’s kind of like what some people call life coaching.

But it’s more than that.

My clients call me their Life Change Wizard.

You see, deep under the surface of “performance magic” are its underpinnings: reality versus appearances, hypnosis and suggestion, imagination, energy and vibrations, symbolism, other esoteric principles, and the harmonic healing powers of music, meditation and mindfulness. 

I’ve exhaustively studied these matters. They are some of the insights, tools, and techniques I use to help my clients transform their lives.

Then there’s all the exploration I’ve done to overcome my own demons in life. We all have them. But we can’t overcome them alone.

That’s why I finally agreed that it’s time to take my private work public.

Yep, Kenton the musician-magician-educator is also “Kenton the Life Change Wizard”.

And I’m here to help you (and your family, friends and colleagues) literally change your life for the better starting now.

Ready? Or just curious? To get started or find out more, simply keep reading.

Good. Because you’ve kept reading on, you’ve ALREADY taken an important first step forward to changing your life for the better.

Now your second step is simple: Honor yourself for your willingness to seek solutions. Congratulate yourself for opening up to new possibilities.

And celebrate your first “win.”

Your third step is also simple. All you have to do is read about how I work with people and consider whether you’d like to have me work with you, too.

If so, I’d be honored.

We start with a three month program where we assess where you are, where you want to be, and what’s been holding you back.

I’ll put together a customized plan of interventions especially for you that may include a combination of:

It’s a multi-sensory, multi-modality, multi-tool approach to transformation at deep conscious and unconscious levels that gives you more clarity, more understanding, and more confidence in taking charge of your life and your future, so that you can make the immediate and the long-term changes required to achieve the increased feelings of serenity and wellbeing you deserve.

Here's how it works--and how we'll work together.

We will talk twice a month for approximately an hour each session, and you will also enjoy email access to me personally between our calls to answer your questions and support your ongoing transformational work. Everything is completely confidential and nothing is off limits. As your “Life Change Wizard” you can confide in me about real life, real world issues. 

And—although I have been doing this work privately for decades—this is the first time I’ve offered it publicly, so I’ve decided to price it especially affordably as a kind of introductory offering. This three-month program is $597 today (that's only $199 per month if paid in advance) or $297 if paid monthly. If you consider that my unique Bowlvana sessions are $150 for 45 minutes, and if you understand that my private clientele invests a great deal more than that for the transformations they achieve, I’m sure you’ll agree that this is certainly of tremendous value to you for a small exchange of commerce. Of course, since this is an introductory offering I can’t promise how long this pricing will be available, so I advise you to click on the button at the top of this page.

Again, congratulations on taking your first steps forward to changing your life for the better. I’ll be honored to work together with you as your “Life Change Wizard.”

Begin reserving our time together by clicking on the membership button at the top of this page.

(Look for an email from and me. I will be writing to work out the rest of the details with you.)