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It's All Done with Mirrors - Pre-release

  • Easy to Do
  • Everything Supplied
  • New and Original Methods
  • Looks like special effects in real life


What you see in the video is NOT green screen, NOT black art, NOT trick photography. You can perform it anywhere, in real life.

But it sure looks like trick photography! The mirrors you are watching are SOLID. Seriously.

Best of all, it is little or no actual sleight of hand. We know that seems impossible looking at it, but there is so much secret stuff going on, really devious stuff, that makes very little or no sleight of hand required.

This is Kenton's Miser's Dream with MIRRORS instead of coins. Of course, you can use coins for most of it too.

Kenton believes in working smarter, not harder. Of course, you can work as hard as you like, and add in your own favorite coin moves to this...but you don't have to do that.

In this full set is EVERY single thing you need to do Kenton's highly innovative and magical way of performing a Miser's Dream with MIRRORS.

"It's All Done with Mirrors" is now in pre-release sale. It will begin to be ready for shipping starting September 18th.

Kenton himself says:

"I have decided to add extra bonuses. I am not holding anything back. This is real world stuff that you can and will do.

Sure, it is for actual performers. It is also for hobbyists, collectors, and people who just love to have fun with unique and original pieces. This is FUN stuff. 

It's All Done with Mirrors is going to show you just exactly how I have been doing some of that seemingly difficult sleight of hand you have seen me do. I am giving you ALL the props and pieces to it. You won't need anything extra except to get your complete set and start to play with it. You really will be getting it ALL. Almost no one knows everything I have been doing in this set. Not even very close friends and peers know it all. You are about to find out."

Kenton isn't kidding when he says you get EVERY thing that you need to do his methods. He has taken great pains to honestly give you exactly what he does, with all the extra goodies too.

You get it ALL:

* Kenton's secret gaffs and gimmicks

*10 One inch unbreakable mirrors

*10 Two inch large unbreakable mirrors

* Special somethings that work with special other, we can't tell you!

* Large plush black bag to be used to put caught mirrors in, and in which the mirrors can vanish in the end if you wish.

* 2 large acrylic gems for diamond like productions (ala Kenton Principles)

* 12 inch black silk for coin productions and other secret effects

* Detailed teaching videos, and EVEN MORE secret stuff

Kenton has kept much of his secrets about this to himself until now.


"A masterclass in creating illusion, including the illusion of sleight of hand."


One last note about this from the Master himself:

"One thing insiders know is that many fancy props are more simple behind the scenes. Sometimes what audiences think is skill is really very easy. The secret innovations are what makes it seem skillful and difficult.

Whether it is mentalism or magic, I like to be sure there are elements of realism to it all. I want people to think that maybe you can make your energy visible, or that you really can feel invisible coins in the air and pull them from it.
So this new release is like being backstage with me, one on one. No usual hype in the videos that so many people do today. No bull just, "This is what I really do, this is how it honestly works, and here is all the stuff so you can do it easily too."
That's the deal. Not puff and fluff, but down to earth, behind the scenes, no punches pulled revelations.
Plus, I am adding in every little prop detail so you don't have to go out and get anything. You'll get every nuance and prop piece to do exactly what I do.
It's a very different approach to the way things are usually sold to magicians and mentalists. But I figure if I am going to tip things, you ought to get it all. Not the flash, but the real substance.
That's what you'll be getting in this new release. That's what I am working so hard on for you. Because I really DO care. I know you'll appreciate that. - Kenton"
Includes 22 minutes of close-up silent movie-ies to see the "moves" up close without distraction, so you can watch them over and over again.


Sign into your account. It's what you used when you first ordered.
AFTER you sign in, go to the MEDIA tab and click on that.
You'll see a graphic for IT'S ALL DONE WITH MIRRORS. Click on that.
There you will see over 20 videos of instructions and secret working!
START WITH VIDEOS 5 and 6 - Welcome to the Mirrors and Behind the Curtain Mirrors -   so you can make sense of what you have, and so you are sure to find ALL the secret goodies in your box.
Please note that some mirrors may be sticking together. You will have at LEAST 10 mirrors of both sizes.
You will also find a lot of other things in the envelopes and bags inside your box. LOOK THROUGH EVERYTHING CLOSELY. DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY. Watch all the videos first, and then look for the props as you need them.


  1. Mirrors!

  2. Mirror Quick Takes

  3. Grow and Diminish Mirror Effect

  4. Gems Broadcast and Effect

  5. Welcome to Mirrors

  6. Behind The Curtain - Mirrors

  7. Correct Color

  8. Using the Secret Backs

  9. The R Mirror

  10. More with the R

  11. Look No R

  12. Bag It

  13. L Mirror

  14. Double Quick

  15. Gems and Diamonds Secrets

  16. A Gem Finale

  17. Stealth Clip

  18. Grow and Diminish Mirror Secret

  19. Mutliple Production

  20. Smaller Mirror Barehand Productions

  21. Mirroraculous Card Discovery

  22. Something to play with...

  23. Silent Moves and Move-ies

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