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From Magic to Mentalism

From Magic to Mentalism

Many people don't know that I was mainly a magician, and only later became known as a mentalist.

One of the reasons people thought I was a mentalist was the way I did certain card effects. Here is how you can do that too.


You probably know how to force a card. I would force a person a card. then put the deck on the table and step away.

"I don't want to touch that or see it. Don't let anyone see it or touch it, except you."

These Wonder Words were a sneaky way for people to think that I could never have done sleight of hand, because I "never" touched the card.

All I had to do now was reveal what the name of the card. Instead of doing that in a magical way, I might pretend to use body language.


"You just blinked an odd number of times... I thought that might mean you picked a 3, but you blinked two more times, so I bet your card's number is a 5."


Of course, once I told people that they blinked a certain number of times, they would usually blink more. You probably blinked reading this, or will in a moment. I just pretended that their blinking told me something more.


"You are leaning back, so that means you picked the suit of the card you chose is not an obvious one. Usually people who take a heart card lean way forward, putting their heart out there. Leaning back means a less obvious suit. Obvious suits are Spades, because of the big pointed Ace, or Hearts and Diamonds. So the least obvious suit is a Club. Since you are trying to hide how you were leaning leaning back by leaning forward now, I know it must be a Club! So it is a Club, and a 3 or a 5... but I think it is the 5. The 5 of Clubs! Show it to everyone."


Just like that, I seemed to be able to read body language, or be a Mind Reader.

Another thing I did that people thought was mentalism was this:

I let one person freely take any card, look at it, and return it to the deck. I would then force that same card on a second person while saying:


"I will show you what it feels like to be a Mind Reader. Don't think or doubt, just tell me when you think I should stop."


I would do a clean looking stop force, and then have the second person take the card, but not show anyone.

The first person would then name their card, and the second person showed that they had stopped on it.

This always got a great reaction, and somehow, they thought that made me a mentalist or Mind Reader.


Little things can be used to turn magic into mentalism. It isn't as difficult as you might think.

Learn the basic principles, find out about the power of words, and make some card tricks that look like mentalism or influence.

Using words, psychology, and cards got mentalists to tell me that I was a mentalist.

I used to deny that. Now, I just smile and nod.

You can do it too. That's why I teach.

Kenton Knepper


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